Christian Pollner Landshut Cause Of Death: All You Need To Know

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Landshut city councilor Christian Pollner died on Monday, October 10, 2022 at the age of 36. But what exactly was the cause of his death?

The former Landshut city councilor’s death took many by surprise and people continue to wonder what may have caused his death just two days after he got married. Read on as we provide you with all the information we have concerning his death.

Who Was Christian Pollner 

Christian Pollner was a 36 year old Landshut city councilor who died suddenly on Monday, October 10, 2022. He was also a baker who owns a bakery on Karlstrasse.

Pollner contested in the March 15, 2020 City Council election where he was number seven on the list of young voters. He managed to win the election by securing 1,579 votes and was sworn into office where he formed a formidable committee with the Free Democratic Party (FDP).

As a city councilor, Pollner always attached the necessary seriousness and diligence to his work and strived to work to help improve the lives of the youth in particular.

He made a passionate appeal to Mayor Alexander Putz in March 2021 on the need to support the youth in order for them not to become the corona losers.

He added that, voluntary benefits for sports clubs should never be cut no matter the challenges.

The saddest part of Pollner’s death is that, he died barely two days after he got married to his wife, Simone who became a widow two days after they got married.

What Is Christian Pollner Cause Of Death?

Christian Pollner’s death came as a surprise to many in Landshut and the country as a whole. The former city councilor died on and baker died on Monday October 10, 2022.

His death was first announced by the Landshut newspaper which was followed by tributes from the public including the Lord Mayor of Landshut.

In a statement released by Lord Mayor Alexander Putz, he expressed how shocked he was to hear about Pollner’s death as he sent his condolences to his family. His statement read “The News of Christian Pollner’s tragic, much too early death has shocked me like all my colleagues on the city council deeply”.

“In view of the loss of such a young, cheerful person who was torn from our midst from one moment to the next, the grief and consolation can hardly be put into words. My first thoughts and heartfelt sympathy go to his newly wed wife Simone, his parents and all relatives”, he concluded.

Unfortunately, the actual cause of Christian Pollner’s death has still not been made public by his family. As a result, the cause of his death continues to be a mystery.

How Old Was Christian Pollner? 

Christian Pollner died on October 10, 2022 at the age of 36. He was one of the youngest city councilors in Landshut.

His actual birthday is not known. However, he was born in 1986.

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