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You know what, Charlie Gasparino’s wife is made up of more. More will be talked about her success stories as we move further in this post. Anyway, Charlie Gasparino’s wife is called Virginia Juliano.

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  • About Charlie Gasparino
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  • Who Is Virginia Juliano?

Before I tell you more about Virginia Juliano, get to know some quick information about Charlie Gasparino. 

About Charlie Gasparino

Charlie Gasparino: Age, Nationality, Education, Career And Etc. 

Charles Gasparino is often called Charlie Gasparino. He is a professional blogger, a business journalist and, a periodic radio host. Charlie Gasparino is an American who was born in the Bronx, New York, U.S. Charlie Gasparino celebrated his 60th birthday anniversary earlier this year, that’s on 26th January 2022. 

With regards to his education, Charlie Gasparino graduated with a B.A. from Pace University and then, furthered to the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri where he earned his master’s degree in journalism.

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Then also, with respect to his career, he was a senior writer for Newsweek, where he captured politics, Wall Street, and corporate America. 

Let me tell you some facts about Charlie Gasparino’s wife, Virginia Juliano and then, we continue with Charlie Gasparino later in this post.

About Virginia Juliano

Virginia Juliano: Education, Businesses, Career, Etc.

Much is not known about Miss Virginia Juliano’s birth details. However, more is known about her education and career.

Virginia Juliano And Her Career

Virginia Juliano is an entrepreneur, OTT First-Mover, consumer advocate, consultant, motivational speaker, businesswoman, streaming evangelist, marketer and founder/CEO of CobbleCord. She previously worked at Showtime Networks for almost eight years.

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Virginia Juliano And Her Education

Virginia Juliano completed Harvard Business School affiliated with CTAM Executive Management Program. From there, she furthered to St. Jonh’s University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Virginia Juliano finished her MBA in Marketing And Management at the New York University. Moreover, Virginia Juliano completed a part-time program which she undertook at NYU Stern School of Business.

Virginia Juliano And Her Family

Most information about Virginia Juliano and her family have been kept confidential. However, Virginia Juliano once shared a photo of her lovely son.

To recall, Virginia Juliano And Her husband got engaged in 2005 (a marriage ceremony). 

Net Worth Of Virginia Juliano

Virginia Juliano is versatile. She is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a consultant and etc.

Based on her enterprises, we can estimate Virginia Juliano net worth to be $2million – $5million. No credible information concerning her net worth has been stated on the internet hence, these figures are just estimated figures. You will be updated when credible information concerning her net worth and salary pops up.

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To climax this post, let’s see some quick facts about Charlie Gasparino.

Books Written By Charlie Gasparino

  • “Blood on the Street: The Sensational Inside Story of How Wall Street Analysts Duped a Generation of Investors”
  • “King of the Club: Richard Grasso and the Survival of the New York Stock Exchange”
  • “The Sellout: How Wall Street Greed and Government Mismanagement Destroyed America’s Global Financial System”
  • “Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street” 




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