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How To Buy A Car In Ghana And Pay In Installment

Everyone wishes to possess a car, but they are not inexpensive. They are frequently in the thousands of Ghana cedis, which is more than twice the ordinary Ghanaian’s annual income. We all know that having a car is a must, especially if you have a family or have experienced the inconvenient nature of public transportation.… Read More »

Pan African Savings And Loans: Loan and other packages

Since its inception in 2008, Pan African bank has delivered innovative products and services to the micro-finance market resulting in several accolades and awards, including membership in Ghana’s club 100. In this post, we at Ghana insider will be taking you through some of the exciting banking and loan packages Pan African savings and loans… Read More »

Angel Investors In Ghana. Complete List

An angel investor (also known as a private investor, seed investor, or angel funder) is a wealthy individual who invests in small businesses or entrepreneurs in exchange for a share of the company’s ownership. Angel investors are frequently found among an entrepreneur’s friends and family. Angel investors may make a one-time investment to help a… Read More »

Loans for unemployed in Ghana. Full Details

People who are unemployed must also meet their financial obligations. Some people choose to take out personal loans, company loans, debt consolidation loans, or travel loans, among other things. They are frequently confronted with financial challenges as a result of their unemployment. Aside from that, it may cause people to have low self-esteem, which can… Read More »

Best Point Savings And Loans Branches. Full Details

Do you need information about all Best Point Savings and loans branches in Ghana? Then this is the right place to be.  Best Point Savings and Loans Limited delivers unique financial solutions that optimize customer satisfaction and shareholder value through the use of state of the art technology and well-motivated and professional staff. Since its… Read More »

National Investment Bank investment packages

About National Investment Bank National Investment Bank (NIB) is one of the renowned and long lasting banks in Ghana. Over the years, NIB has thrived hard to improve their customer services. This is the main reason why NIB is one of the best banks out there. National Investment Bank Operations National Investment Bank is a… Read More »

How To Pay Fido Loan With MTN Mobile Money

Fido loan has helped many Ghanaians by providing them with quick, accessible loans for their needs. Many first-timers who take a loan from the Fido app struggle to pay their loan not because they don’t have the money but because they don’t know the steps they need to follow using their mobile money wallet to… Read More »