Carola Holzner’s Husband: All You Need To Know

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Who is Carola Holzner’s husband? Is Carola Holzner still married? How many children does Carola Holzner have with her husband?

In this write up, we will be taking a closer look at the marriage life of Carola Holzner and provide you with all the information we have about her.

Who Is Carola Holzner? 

Carola Holzner is a respected German physician and web video producer born on July 20, 1982 in Mülheim an der Ruhr to German parents.

Holzner was always one of the brightest ones amongst her peers while growing up. Hence identified what she wanted to become in future quite early and was ready to do what it takes to achieve her dream.

On her way to becoming what she is today, she had to work and study in a number top universities in the country. She initially attended the University of Münster where she studied chemistry.

She then continued to the University of Cologne where she studied human medicine and obtained her doctor of medicine in June 2009. With her qualification, she worked as an assistant doctor in the Evangelical Hospital in Mülheim in the department for anesthesia.

She later worked at the Center for Emergency Medicine at Essen University as senior physician. As we speak, she has been working at the Helios Klinikum Duisburg since 2021 and also with the ADAC air rescue service since 2022 as an emergency doctor.

She has decided to put some of her vast knowledge into books and has so far published about three. Her latest publication was in 2022 titled “No half measures: How the emergency room changes the view of life”.

Prior to that, she published “One for all. As an emergency doctor between hope and reality” in 2021.

Her experience and knowledge has been very useful over the years especially in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. She was instrumental in the development of the covid-19 triage used at the Essen University Medical Center.

She was elected in 2022 to become a member of the 17th Federal Assembly.

Another thing she is known for is her video blogs. She is producer of video blogs, king the name “Doc Caro”.

Who Is Carola Holzner’s Husband? 

The respected German web video producer and physician has been married for a number of years now. She is not all about work as she makes time for her loved ones especially her beloved husband and kids.

Unfortunately, we do not have details of her husband at the moment because of how she prefers to keep certain details of her life to herself.

However, it’s obvious that they are both very much in love with each other and aren’t ready to give up on their marriage any time soon.

She hasn’t been in the news for any marital problems which is sign that all may be fine in their marriage. They try their best to be the best parents possible to their children.

How Many Children Does Carola Holzner Have With Her Husband? 

Holzner has two children with her husband as of July 2023. She lives with her husband and kids in Mülheim an der Ruhr, the same city she was born.  

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