Carlo Cracco’s First Wife. Full details

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Carlo Cracco is a well-known Italian chef and television personality who was born in Creazzo, Veneto, on October 8, 1965. His culinary prowess has had a lasting impact on the entertainment and culinary industries.


Cracco started his culinary career at Recoaro Terme’s Pellegrino Artusi Institute of Hospitality Management. He practiced at Vicenza’s “Da Remo” restaurant after finishing his studies. His talent and love for the culinary arts were put on display when he joined forces with fellow chef Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan in 1986. His culinary travels also took him to France, where for three years he studied the culinary techniques of the country.

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Returning to Italy, Cracco assumed the role of chef at the Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, a restaurant that earned two Michelin Stars under his culinary guidance. A subsequent collaboration with Gualtiero Marchesi led to the opening of “L’Albereta,” a restaurant in Lombardy where Cracco served as the chef for three years.Cracco’s culinary ventures expanded further with the opening of “Le Clivie” in the Piedmont region, a restaurant that achieved the prestigious Michelin Star.

His association with the Stoppani family, owners of the Peck marketplace in Milan, led to the establishment of “Cracco Peck,” later known simply as “Cracco,” where he continues to serve as the Executive Chef since 2007.The prestigious Italian food and wine publication Gambero Rosso gave Cracco’s restaurant its highest rating of “three forks.” Cracco’s standing as a culinary icon was cemented when la Repubblica named it one of the world’s 50 greatest restaurants in 2007.

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In February 2014, Cracco broadened his gastronomic horizons by opening “Carlo e Camilla in segheria,” a bistro located in an abandoned sawmill in Milan. The novel eating idea attracted notice for both its ambiance and menu.Carlo Cracco went beyond the kitchen to the world of television.

He started presenting the wildly successful program “MasterChef Italia” in 2011, bringing in well-known guests like Bruno Barbieri, Joe Bastianich, and, since 2015, Antonino Cannavacciuolo. His charismatic demeanor and perceptive criticism enhanced the success of the program.Cracco has made contributions to more than just food and entertainment. He has been president of Maestro Martino, a charity organization, since 2012. His diverse abilities also brought him to the 2013 Sanremo Music Festival, where he presented Annalisa as an artist.

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Who is Carlo Cracco’s First Wife?

There is no information about Carlo Cracco’s first wife. It is reported that he had two daughters from his first marriage, Sveva and Irene.


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