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Carl de Vogt was a German film actor who was born on September 14, 1885. He lived until February 16, 1970. It must be noted that Carl de Vogt was featured in four films by Fritz Lang.With respect to education, Carl de Vogt was in an acting school in Cologne, Germany.

Apart from acting, Carl de Vogt was also into singing. As a singer , he recorded several songs. It must be mentioned that Der Fremdenlegionar turned out to be the greatest and biggest hit.

Carl de Vogt also made an appearance in Fritz Lang’s two-part Spiders alongside actresses like Lil Dagover and Ressel Orla. Carl de Vogt got married to Clare Lotto. Clare Lotto was a German film actress. Carl de Vogt and Clare Lotto had a son called Karl Franz de Vogt. Karl was born on May 14, 1917. Before Carl de Vogt died in 1970, he got featured in a lot of films.

Some of these films are Schwert und Herd (1916) as Schmied Wilhelm Trautmann, Friedrich Werders Sendung (1916) as Friedrich Werder, Die Einsame (1916), Der Knute entflohen (1917) as Bräutigam Walter Fuchs, When the Dead Speak (1917) as Edgar von Radowitz, Ahasver (1917, part 1-3) as Ahasver, Erloschene Augen, Tragödie eines blinden Kindes (1917), Der Herr der Welt (1918), The Path of Death (1918) as Graf, Olaf Bernadotte (1918) and Kassenrevision (1918).

Others are Die Beichte des Mönchs (1918), Der Mann im Monde (1918), Das Licht des Lebens (1918), Halbblut (1919) as Axel van der Straaten and Rheinische Brautfahrt (1939) as Rechtsanwalt Dr. Vollbrecht.

Carl de Vogt’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Parents

He was married to Clare Lotto and they had a son called Karl Franz de Vogt. Karl Franz de Vogt was born on born on May 14, 1917. Clare Lotto was a German film actress. Details about the parents of Carl de Vogt are unavailable.

Carl de Vogt’s Age, Birth Date

Carl de Vogt was born on September 14, 1885, and was 84 years old at the time of his death.

Carl de Vogt’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available and accessible on Wikipedia.

Carl de Vogt’s Height, Weight

The weight and height of Carl de Vogt are unavailable.

Carl de Vogt’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.


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