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Carl Auen can be described as a German film actor who was born on February 16, 1892, in Byfang. It must be noted that he began his career in 1911 at the theater and subsequently, he made appearances in several silent films, most of which were directed by Franz Hofer, William Kahn, Leo Lasko and Wolfgang Neff.

Carl Auen had his breakthrough when he was featured in a feature film series in which he played the criminalist Rat Anheim (from 1917) and the detective Joe Deebs (from 1919). Carl Auen was known to be a member of the ethnically minded, anti-Semitic Fighting League for German Culture and the National Socialist Film Company Cell Organization.

He subsequently switched to sound films in 1932 when he was 40 years old. He was appointed as the head of the film department of the Reich Film Chamber in 1933. He played the role of a detective in the film Togger in 1937 as well as a role in Richard Eichberg’s two-parter The Tiger of Eschnapur and The Indian Tomb.

He became a spirits representative after the end of the Second World War. Some of the films Carl Auen has featured in include 1914: The mysterious villa, 1914: White Roses, 1915: Soap Bubbles, 1916: From the Book of life, 1917: The Saratoga Case, 1917: The spotted tie, 1917: The cricket, 1917: Invisible hands. The Melvil case, 1917: Giovanni’s Revenge, 1917: The Dombronowska-Clemenceau case, 1917: The great Demmingen, 1917: Miss Pfiffikus, 1917: The Theater Prince, 1918: The Schwabemädle, 1918: Lost Daughters, 1918: The Laughing Death, 1918: His Highness Bridal Trip and 1918: The Dead Guest. The Rödern case.

Others are 1918: Convict 113 or “Honor for the Father”, 1918: The Enchanted Castle, 1918: Lieutenant Mucki, 1918: Storms of Life, 1918: The Diary of Pharmacist Warren, 1918: The Dancer, 1918: The enigmatic look, 1918: Genius and love and 1919: The Seduced.

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Carl Auen’s Biography, Wikipedia

He is available on Wikipedia

Carl Auen’s Age, Birth Date.

He was born on February 16, 1892. He however died on June 23, 1972. He was 80 years old at the time of his death.

Carl Auen’s Height, Weight,

The height and weight of Carl Auen are yet to be updated.

Carl Auen’s Net worth

His net worth is not available

Carl Auen’s, Girlfriend, Wife Parents, Children,

There is no detail on who the wife or girlfriend of Carl Auen was before he died. The same can be said of his parents and children

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