Calantha Wollny’s Boyfriend: Full Details

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Calantha Wollny is said to have been born on September 8, 2000, in Neuss, Germany. Her parents are Silvia and Dieter Wollny. She has ten siblings and she is the third child. She can be described as a German reality TV actress. It must be stated that the parents of Calantha Wollny divorced in 2012.

After Silvia Wollny started dating Harald Elsenbast.
Just like the other members of the Wollny family, Calantha Wollny became very popular throughout Germany as a result of the RTLZWEI documentary “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family”. Calantha Wollny is said to be dating and in a relationship with Mason. Calantha Wollny is part of the 13-member extended Wollny family.

Mason is currently 23 years old and in 2018, he and Calantha Wollny had their daughter, Cataleya. Cataleya was born on December 21, 2018. Calantha Wollny and Mason have been together since 2015. However, Calantha Wollny is believed to have once dated Gino Hein even though their relationship did not last long.

Calantha Wollny dated Gino Hein in 2019 and that was the time she and Mason had taken a break in their relationship. Unfortunately, Mason seems not to be close to any member of the Wollny family and this could be due to the fact that he wants to prevent any form of media exposure.

With respect to the RTLZWEI documentary “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family”, it later became evident the daughter of Calantha Wollny, Cataleya was no more staying with her mother. She was rather with Grandma Silvia Wollny and the rest of the Wollnys. It is not so clear why Calantha Wollny did not continue staying with her mother, Silvia Wollny,  even though she insists that the relationship between her and her mother is fine.

Subsequently, Calantha Wollny unfollowed her entire family on Instagram and this sparked some suspicions.

Calantha Wollny’s Boyfriend

Calantha Wollny is in a relationship with Mason and they have a daughter.

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