Brian Bond’s Divorce: Full Details

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Is Brian Bond divorced? When did Brian Bond divorce? Is Brian Bond married? Read on as we provide you with all the relevant details about Brian Bond’s divorce.

Who Is Brian Bond?

Brian Bond is a well-known American LGBTQ rights activist born on October 14, 1961, in Missouri, U. S. to Skip Bond and Donna Daly.

His mother was a member of the Missouri Democratic State Committee whereas his father was a business manager for a pipe fitter local union. While growing up as a young boy in rural Missouri, Bond realized that he was quite different from his male friends.

He became attracted to boys and eventually mastered the courage to open up to his priest that he was gay. But even after confessing to his priest, he tried as much as possible to hide it from his peers for some time.

He had his high school education at Webb City High School in Jasper County, Missouri. From there he continued to Missouri State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Unfortunately for him, he found out in his early thirties that he was HIV positive. However, it didn’t break him but rather decided to become an advocate for HIV education.

As we speak, he has managed to make a name for himself politically despite being HIV positive for over two decades and became the first deputy director in the White House of Public Engagement to openly come out as gay.

He has served as director of LGBTQ outreach at the Democratic National Committee in Washington, DC. He later became executive director of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund in 1997. The reasoning behind his appointment was for him to rebuild the nearly bankrupt organization.

He managed to rebuild and increased the size and visibility of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund during his six years tenure.

As of July 2023, Bond has been serving as the executive director of the LGBTQ advocacy

Is Brian Bond Divorced?

We are unable to find any records of Brian Bond ever getting married or divorced for that matter. Although Bond is well known in the US, especially in the gay community for his activism, his relationship status has been a closed book.

All our efforts to find out whether he was ever married or divorced have proved futile. We will continue to keep tabs on him and update this write-up as and when further investigations come up with anything new.

When Did Brian Bond Get Married?

From our checks, Brian Bond has never been married. The renowned American LGBTQ rights activist’s relationship status has been a mystery.

As a result, we do not know for a fact if he has ever been married or not. He found out that he was HIV positive in his early thirties which could affect his love life to some extent.

He is currently 61 years old and fully committed to advocating for LGBT rights although his relationship status has been a mystery.

Bond identified his sexuality very early and by the time he was sixteen opened up to his priest that he was gay.

As we speak, he is well recognized in the US and beyond due to his sexuality and is currently the executive director of PFLAG.


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