Boris Becker’s Daughter, and Mother. Full details

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A German sports legend known for his outstanding accomplishments on the tennis court, Boris Becker is a name that is synonymous with tennis brilliance. Becker, who was born on November 22, 1967, in Leimen, West Germany, has had a remarkable tennis career. His rise from a young prodigy to a six-time Grand Slam winner and cultural phenomenon is a compelling story of skill, hard work, and success.

Early Life and Tennis Prodigy

Boris Becker’s tennis journey began at an early age when he displayed an extraordinary talent for the sport. His father, Karl-Heinz Becker, an architect, recognized his son’s potential and introduced him to tennis. At the tender age of 12, Boris won his first national tennis title in Germany, signaling the start of his ascent in the tennis world.

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Boris Becker’s meteoric rise to fame occurred in 1985 when, at the age of 17, he became the youngest Wimbledon champion in history. His aggressive playing style, powerful serve, and unmatched determination captured the hearts of tennis enthusiasts worldwide. The victory at Wimbledon marked the beginning of a tennis career that would leave an indelible mark on the sport.

Becker’s success at Wimbledon continued as he claimed the championship title in 1986 and 1989, solidifying his status as one of the greatest grass-court players of all time. His remarkable performances at Wimbledon propelled him into the international spotlight, making him a household name.

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In addition to his Wimbledon triumphs, Boris Becker’s Grand Slam success extended to other major tournaments. He secured the prestigious Australian Open title twice, in 1991 and 1996, and also clinched the US Open crown in 1989. His ability to excel on various surfaces, from grass to hard courts, showcased his versatility and dominance in the tennis world.

Throughout his career, Becker achieved a total of six Grand Slam singles titles and consistently ranked among the top players in the world. He also contributed significantly to Germany’s Davis Cup victories, further solidifying his legacy in international tennis.

Who is Boris Becker’s Daughter?

Anna Ermakova is the daughter of Boris Becker. She is a British model, social media influencer, Instagram star, and entrepreneur. Hailing from London, United Kingdom, she is not only a celebrity family member but also a prominent television personality.

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Who is Boris Becker’s Mother?

Elvira Becker is the mother of Boris Becker. She was of Sudeten German descent, hailing from the Moravian village of Kunewald (Kunín).


Boris Becker’s impact on tennis is immeasurable. His success paved the way for a new generation of German tennis talent, and he remains a revered figure in the sport. His dedication, athleticism, and charisma continue to inspire aspiring tennis players around the world.


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