Borehole Water Treatment In Ghana: Price And More


In this post, I will take you through how borehole water is treated in Ghana, the cost of treating borehole water and other relevant information and contact details of companies that deals in water treatment in Ghana. 

In Accra, Ghana, tap water is unsafe to drink, and certain areas lack adequate sanitation. People should only drink boiled or treated water. It is only safe to avoid drinking sachets of water sold on the street in Ghana and stick to bottled water.

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However, if you have a borehole in your house you can treat it to make it very safe for drinking. Below are some of the few steps on how to treat borehole water on your own in your house without the use of any treatment machine whatsoever. 

Simple Steps On How to treat Borehole water at Home

  • Fill water in a clean bucket. 
  • Filter the water using a clean cloth or decant the water by first allowing it to settle. 
  • Bring it to a rolling, bubbling boil (simply steaming water is not boiled) for three minutes at low altitude and for at least five minutes at altitudes above 2,000 metres.
  • Boiled water may lack taste but this problem can be solved by vigorously shaking the water to re-oxygenise it or by adding a little salt. 
  • There! your water is now safe for drinking.

Cost Of Borehole Water Treatment In Ghana 

The cost of borehole water treatment in Ghana depends on the type of treatment you want. Be it (iron, salt, colour, scent and particles and Reverse Osmosis). However, the average cost of treating borehole water in Ghana is GHS 4,000.00.

Water Treatment Companies In Accra 

Below are some water treatment companies in Ghana. 

Universal Aqua Ghana Limited (Warehouse)

Address: 19 Asafoaste Street, Eas

Phone: 024 078 1329

Blue Marine Company Limited

Address: Spintex Rd, Accra

Phone: 030 281 0263

Zesta Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Address: 12 Kingsby Street, Accra

Phone: 020 945 8768

Sonapra Limited

Address: G Y Odoi St, Accra

Phone: 024 693 9992


Address: ACCRA, Kwabenya

Phone: 054 717 9464


Kings Pac drinking water

Phone: 026 401 6000

Seweage Systems Ghana Limited

Address: Accra

Phone: 030 397 2617

Adat Water Services Limited

Address:  Manye Adorkor Avenue, Kingsby Achimota Market Road, Achimota, Accra.

Phone: 020 998 6250

H2o Solutions Tech Ltd

Address: Adenta – Dodowa Rd, Accra

Phone: 033 209 3841

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