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Borehole Drilling Machine Price. Full Details. June 2023

Do you want to start a borehole drilling business?

If yes, then you surely need a borehole drilling machine.

Borehole drilling machine is critical for the growth of your borehole business.

Borehole water has become very popular in Ghana owing to the rampant shortage of water in most parts of Ghana.

How much does a borehole drilling machine cost in Ghana?

Truth be told, a borehole company requires massive investment in machinery right from the start.

To start such a company, you’ve got two choices.

You can either take the outsourcing approach – just sit back, advertise as a borehole drilling company, get the job and outsource to a real company.

Or you can start as a fully-fledged borehole company.


What Are The Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Borehole Drilling Machine?

The ensure efficiency and smooth business always make sure all the following factors are well considered before you purchase.

  • Cost of maintenance
  • Transportation cost
  • Fuel economy

borehole drilling machine
borehole drilling machine

Price Of Borehole Drilling Machine In Ghana

The price varies from one supplier to the other. The average price ranges from US$20,800.00 – US$29,800.00.

However, you can get similar drilling machine which do the same job at about US$500.00 – US$1,000.00

Where can you buy the machine?

A borehole machine can only be purchased from China and shipped to Ghana. If you want to buy you can get in touch with us.

We can help you buy and ship from China to Ghana at an affordable cost.


What are the features of a borehole drilling machine?

The specifications vary from one supplier to the other.

Below are general specifications you will likely find in every borehole pumping machine.

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