Bone Straight Hair Prices & Types In Ghana


Bone Straight Hair Prices And Types In Ghana

Majority of ladies hold the fact that, their hairstyles are capable of making them glorious. Just to say, their social status can be enhanced with the splendid hairstyles.

Around the late 2018 and early 2019, the hair extensions market appears to be dominated by the Brazilian hair. However, the story changed abruptly getting to the end of 2020 as the new “Bone straight hair” hit the market. 

Going for bone straight hair shows your class. That’s what the “vixens and the slayers” mean. Yes, almost all the top celebrities are putting on bone straight hairs nowadays.

This bone straight hair was once a trendy topic across all social media outlets. It’s not surprising because, fashion keeps updating itself and so are hairstyles. Though bone straight hairs are known to be somehow costly, it’s been the desire of many women to get the feel of it on their head. 

What’s unique about bone straight hairs? One may ask! Relax, I will tell you know all that you need to know about bone straight hairs in this post. Just get along with me!

Key Points

This post will be focusing mainly on the following sections below:

  • About Bone straight Hairs
  • Types Of Bone Straight Hairs In Ghana
  • Prices Of Bone Straight Hairs In Ghana
  • Where To Buy Bone Straight Hairs In Ghana

Table of Contents

About Bone straight Hairs

Let me address some questions like: what are bone straight hairs? what are the features of bone straight hairs? which bone straight hair is best? 

Bone straight hair is another class of raw, straight and firm hair, which is thin, sleek, scanty and, adequately knotted from the weft to the bottom. 

Bone straight hair does not require styling. It feels very flat and, it can’t be curled. Any classy lady will definitely prefer to put on bone straight hair due to its smoothness. 

Please look out for the characteristics stated above before purchasing a bone straight hair. 

Types Of Bone Straight Hairs

Bone straight hairs can be classified into: Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn. 

The Single Drawn is less expensive and, less thicker than the Double Drawn. Then also, the Super Double Drawn is more expensive and thicker than the Double Drawn. 

Prices Of Bone Straight Hairs

Usually, the prices are determined by the type of bone straight hair and also, the length.

The price range is: GH¢ 450 – GH¢ 5000. 

Please check here for all the prices. 

Where To Buy Bone Straight Hairs In Ghana

There are not less than (100) hundred hair stores that sell bone straight hairs in Ghana. Again, aside the physical hair stores available, one can also head over to online and purchase her own bone straight hair.

Notwithstanding, below is the list of some hair stores and e-commerce platforms where one can purchase her bone straight hair.

  • Jiji Ghana
  • Jumia Ghana
  • Ghloozap
  • Tonaton Ghana and etc. 


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