Bobby Păunescu Wealth: Full Details

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Bobby Păunescu was born on September 8, 1974, and he can be described as a Romanian director, producer , screenwriter and businessman.

Even though he was born in Bucharest, he relocated to Italy with his family and he stayed in Italy till he was ten years old.

Bobby Păunescu had his education at the Faculty of International Management in Switzerland in 1998 and later in 2007, he was at the University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts, where he underwent an intensive film course.

While at the University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts, Bobby Păunescu wrote and directed his first short film – Dear D ( Monica Bîrlădeanu in the main role ).

His first feature film was “Francesca” and he wrote as well as directed it in 2007. “Francesca” was premiered at the opening of the Orizzonti section of the Venice Film Festival in 2009 and it must be noted that the film was selected at several international film festivals.

Some of these festivals were the East End London Film Festival, Gijon International Film Festival Spain, Silk Road International Film Festival, Turkey and with these festivals, she won awards.

The awards are Best Debut at the East End London Film Festival, FIPRESCI Award at the Gijon International Film Festival Spain, and Best Director Award, Best Actress and Turkey Critics Award at the Silk Road International Film Festival, Turkey.

Bobby Păunescu ‘s film also made it to international film festivals in Buenos Aires BAIFICI, Reykjavik, Bergen and Wiesbaden.

Some of the other films produced by Bobby Păunescu include 2003: Live Life (TV series), 2005: Death of Mr. Lăzărescu, 2006: Pawnbrokers 8, 2010: Stopover, 2010: Aurora, 2012: After the Hills, 2012: Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood and 2013: Closer to the Moon.

Bobby Păunescu Wealth

In 2007, Bobby Păunescu was tagged as a Romanian billionaire after he had made about 1.6 billion dollars through real estate investments in his country and other countries.

He is also the heir to a financial empire whose foundations were laid by his father, George Constantin Păunescu.

Currently, Bobby Păunescu owns the newspapers Evenimentul Zilei, Capital, Curierul Național, Gazeta de sud, Gazeta de Olt  as well as B1TV television.

It must be noted that he founded Solar Pictures, a production house located in the United States of America in March 2012.

According to as of June 28, 2023, the net worth of Bobby Păunescu stands at $300 million which he earned through his businesses.

Bobby Păunescu and his family once had a 49.12% stake in the InterContinental Hotel but they sold their share for $14,455,987 to the late Romanian businessman Dan Adamescu.

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