Biyon Kattilathu’s Family, All You Need To Know

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Biyon Kattilathu was born on April 28, 1984, and he can be described as a German Author, Motivational trainer and Podcaster. The parents of Biyon Kattilathu were Indian Indian immigrants in Hagen in the Ruhr area. The mother of Biyon Kattilathu relocated from India to Germany to work as a nurse when she was 17.

Biyon Kattilathu’s father also worked in a hospital laboratory. Biyon Kattilathu is known to have an elder brother. Biyon Kattilathu had his education at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal where he studied  Engineering . He graduated from the Bergische Universität Wuppertal as a diploma-industrial engineer. He also had his doctorate education in Economics.

It must be noted that in 2007, Biyon Kattilathu took part in Germany is looking for a superstar and he made it to the last 40. Biyon Kattilathu was also a candidate on Schlag den Raab, in the ARD show Zero Wins and at Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, where he won 32,000 euros. He used the 32,000 euros to pay off his Bafög debts.

Biyon Kattilathu started a world record attempt in 2016 by hugging 111 people in one minute and in 2017, he kissed 129 people on the cheek in a similar action. Biyon Kattilathu has published many materials on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. He also serves as a keynote speaker and he is known to give lectures, workshops and practical seminars for corporations and brands.

Biyon Kattilathu lives in Hagen and has a son. He had the son with the web video producer Sheila Gomez. Some of the books published by Biyon Kattilathu include The Colors of progress: nine new strategies against black and white thinking. Profiler’s Publishing, Bielefeld 2017,  (2 CDs), The rickshaw driver who gives away happiness. Gräfe and Unzer, Munich 2019, Because every day is special: Your diary. Gräfe and Unzer, Munich 2020, Because I’m worth it!: 101 heartfelt thoughts for her. Inderleicht (self-published), Hagen 2020, Because I’m worth it! Your Journal: A personal journey to more self-love. Inderleicht (self-published), Hagen 2021, Because I’m worth it! The 2nd chapter: 267 heartfelt thoughts for her. Inderleicht (self-published), Hagen 2021, Walk to yourself. A magical journey to more mindfulness, self-love and happiness. Gräfe and Unzer, Munich 2022 and P.S. I love myself: 40 exciting exercises for more self-love, mindfulness and happiness in life! Inderleicht (self-published), Hagen 2023.

His audio books include The Power Consciousness: Your Six Powers for more self-confidence. Optimistic Records (Universal Music), 2015, Stories of happiness: 20 inspiring stories that changed my life. Audiobook, Nova MD, Vachendorf 2018 and The Rickshaw Driver Who Gives Away Happiness. Audio book, Nova MD, Vachendorf 2020.

Biyon Kattilathu’s Family, All You Need To Know

Even though the names of the parents of Biyon Kattilathu aren’t currently available, it is known that his parents were Indian immigrants. The father of Biyon Kattilathu worked in a hospital laboratory where his mother worked as a nurse. Biyon Kattilathu also has an elder brother.


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