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Brief History About Bimbilla College Of Education

Bimbilla College of Education was established in October 1962 by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana. The church was inspired to build the school when the stool land of the community was headed by Na Natogmah Attah.

However, the school officially commence when he was alive but after he had passed on. Bimbilla College of Education was established to bring up professional and disciplined teachers to feed Ghana’s growing demand for qualified teachers to feed its basic schools. It was headed then by Mr. Adolf G. K. Adzanku. In 1990, the school began a 3-year certificate A post-secondary program.

The school continued its expansion and grew to become one of the few colleges in Ghana then to offer Diploma Certificate in Mathematics and Science in 2004. The College has since then been growing and is now in a position to offer a bachelor’s degree in some selected education programs. Currently, the school is headed by Ibrahim James Gurindow M-minibo.

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After its establishment, the school admitted only male students until some about thirteen years later when females were admitted. The college was built to provide a four year certificate A teachers to teach in the basic schools.

The school has a beautiful campus equipped with facilities and professional teachers. They have up-to-date science laboratories for practical studies, well-spaced hall rooms to house students, and a park and basketball court for physical education, sports, and entertainment. They have a beautiful dining and assembly hall for mass meeting programs.

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Departments At Bimbilla College Of Education

  1. Science Department
  2. Pre-vocational Skills Department
  3. Education Department
  4. Social Science Department
  5. Languages Department
  6. Mathematics and ICT Department

Programs Offered Bimbilla College Of Education

The college runs four main programs which are;

  1. Bachelor of Education in Junior High School
  2. Bachelor of Education in Primary School.
  3. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education
  4. Bachelor of Education in Science and Mathematics

The College also runs a part-time sandwich DBE programs on certificate A teachers and Ghana Education Service approved Pupil Teachers.

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Admission Processes And Requirements For Bimbilla College Of Education

All students who are interested in getting admission into the Bimbilla College of Education must have

For WASSCE Applicants
Credit (A-D) in three core subjects which are Maths, English and Science/Social and three passes in important elective subjects

For SSSCE Applicants
Credit (A1 – C6) in three core subjects which are Maths, English, and Science or Social Studies, and three passes in the important elective subjects.

All candidates who are awaiting their results can apply.
The special vacancy is reserved for all GES accredited pupil teachers who want to pursue a degree program.

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