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Billboard Advert Cost in Ghana. Full Details. May 2023

In this post, I am going to take you through billboard advert costs in Ghana, and all the necessary information and contact details you will need to get your products or business advertised. 

Every company needs to sell themself in other to succeed in the world of business. One way of doing that is through advertisement. One way to advertise your business or company in Ghana is through billboard advertisement. 

Billboard advertisement has revolutionized over the years. We now have digital billboards that are becoming very common on the streets of Accra and Kumasi. Unlike traditional billboards, digital billboards can advertise many businesses and products simultaneously. 

Many entrepreneurs in Ghana have started investing heavily in the mounting of digital billboards due to the growing increase in the demand for advertising spaces.

Just in case you are wondering how much it will cost you to also advertise your products on billboards, then keep reading to find out. 

Advantages Of Billboard Advertisements

Below are some of the major advantages of advertising your business or product on a billboard.

1. Constant Audience 

People will always be staring at your enormous and eye-catching display because billboards are carefully placed along major routes and intersections. People can avoid looking at your billboard by clicking on an Internet ad or changing the channel away from a commercial, but they can’t escape seeing it while they go about their day.

2. Always Working 

You may pay to have your advertisement broadcast on the radio or television, but the cost only ensures that your commercial is heard a few times every day. A billboard, on the other hand, is always active, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customers may only be exposed to a brand or service once or twice as a result of other forms of advertising, while billboards result in repeated exposure as people pass by. Although the message is shorter than it would be in other ad formats, it is more likely to stick in people’s thoughts because it will constantly be there no matter what time of day they pass.

3. Customized location

Because billboards may be found almost anywhere, you usually have an option of where to place your message. Use the position of your billboard to target certain clients or to attract attention, whether it’s near your shop or near a busy junction or freeway exit. Because billboards are so enormous and prominent, if you choose the correct place, you may quickly reach a significant number of people.

4. Builds brand awareness

Billboards aren’t as effective as having visitors visit your website or call your business in terms of generating a response, but they are quite effective in terms of raising brand awareness.

Because most individuals view the same billboard several times, they remember it and are able to link it to the brand and company afterwards. Billboard designs may be eye-catching and distinctive, and they’re a wonderful method for potential customers to learn about your company and remember it when they need it.

Billboard Advert Cost in Ghana

The cost of a billboard in Ghana varies depending on the size that a corporation or individual prefers. Depending on the region, billboard rates range from GHC 2,100.00 to GHC 5,500.00. Other forms of outdoor advertising, like posters and banners, might cost anywhere between GHS 700.00 and GHS 1500.00.

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