Bianca Guaccero Current Boyfriend: Full Details

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Bianca Guaccero is an Italian actress, singer and TV presenter. He was born on January 15, 1981, in Bitonto, a comune in the province of Bari, Italy. Her career in Italian television started off in 1996 when she was just 15 years old.

She made an appearance with respect to the variety program Sotto a Chi Tocca, which also featured showgirl Pamela Prati and comedian Pippo Franco. Later in 1999, Bianca Guaccero played a role in the film Terra Bruciata, directed by Fabio Segatori which was her debut so far as the film is concerned.

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She played the role of Maria and has performed in both television and the cinema ever since. Bianca Guaccero also played the role of the malicious, conniving Carolina Scapece in the Rai Uno mini-series Capri, Capri 2 and Capri 3. She co-hosted the 58th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival with Pippo Baudo and Andrea Osvárt in 2008.

Over the years, the television programs Bianca Guaccero has been involved in include Sotto a Chi Tocca (1996), a variety program, Ama Il Tuo Nemico 2 (2001), mini-series, La Memoria e il Perdona (2001), mini-series – Caterina/Isabel, John XXIII: The Pope of Peace (2002), film, Mudu (2003), variety program, Tutti i Sogni del Mondo (2003), mini-series – Daniela, Benedetti dal Signore-Missione Zara (2004), film – Zara, Mai Storie d’Amore in Cucina (2004), film – Evelina Bruni, La Tassinara (2004), mini-series – Vittoria, Imperium: Saint Peter (2005), film – Silvia and Assunta Spina (2006), mini-series – title role.

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Others are Capri (2006), mini-series – Carolina Scapece, Tutte Donne Tranne Me (2007), variety program, La Terza Verità (2007), mini-series – Lidia Roccella, Capri 2 (2008), mini-series – Carolina Scapece, La Stella della Porta Accanto (2008), mini-series – Stella, 58th Edition of The Sanremo Music Festival, (2008) – co-host, Il Bene e Il Male (2009), series – Grazia Micheli and Capri 3, (2010), mini-series – Carolina Scapece.

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Bianca Guaccero Current Boyfriend

Bianca Guaccero is known to have dated the likes of Stefano Bettarini , Nicola Ventola as well as Fabrizio Politi in the past. She is said to be in a relationship with Fabrizio Moro but the details about the current boyfriend of Bianca Guaccero is yet to be updated.

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