Betty Grafstein First Husband: All You Need To Know

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Who is Betty Grafstein first husband? Is Betty Grafstein married? Did Betty Grafstein have any kids with her first husband? In this write up, we will answer these questions and more so you may want to read on till the end.

Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and owner of Grafstein Diamond Corporation, Lady Betty Grafstein is of interest to a lot of people. Due to that, a lot of people are interested in knowing about who her first husband was. But before we go into that, who is Betty Grafstein?

Who Is Betty Grafstein? 

Betty Grafstein is a renowned Portuguese businesswoman and jet set personality born Elizabeth Larner on November 27, 1928. She is also a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

She still uses the surname of her millionaire American Jew with whom she had her only son.

Her first husband owned a diamond and jewelry design company in New York called the Grafstein Diamond Company which she inherited after he died on June 29, 1991. The company is currently being run by her son, Roger Grafstein.

Who Is Betty Grafstein First Husband? 

Before getting married to José Castelo Branco in 1996, Betty Grafstein was previously married to her first husband, Albert Grafstein with whom she had her only son.

Albert Grafstein was a United States Jew and first husband of Betty Grafstein. He is also the father of Betty’s only son.

He died on June 29, 1991 but the memories they created together are still very fresh in her mind as she shared a throwback photo of herself and first husband in January 2023 with the caption, “Carlton hotel in Cannes, summer 1969 with my first husband Albert Grafstein 🙏 RIP. ”

Betty Grafstein First Husband
Betty Grafstein with her first husband, Albert Grafstein in 1969.

Five years after the death of her first husband, Grafstein married again to José Castelo Branco at a conservatory in Loures on November 27, 1996. However, she still uses the surname of her first husband.

Is Betty Grafstein Still Married? 

Yes. Betty Grafstein is still very much married. She has been married to José Castelo Branco since November 27, 1996. José Alberto Castelo is a well known Portuguese television personality, singer and art dealer.

Despite being 34 years older than Jose, the couple aren’t bothered by the age difference as they continue to live happily together and attend a number of events together.

Grafstein and José Castelo Branco first met through a friend and painter, Ana Maria Botelho. Botelho invited Grafstein to join her at a vernissage where Branco happened to be as a dealer and the rest is history.

Before getting married to Grafstein in 1996, Castelo was previously married to his first wife, Maria Arlene Ferreira Pólvora. They got married on March 19, 1986 in Loures but divorced later due to irreconcilable differences. Their marriage produced his only child called Guilherme Pólvora Castelo Branco Viera who was born on November 25, 1988.

Does Betty Grafstein Have Any Kids? 

Yes. Grafstein has a son called Roger Grafstein from her first marriage to millionaire Albert Grafstein. Her son is actually the one who runs her diamond and jewelry design company which is located in New York.

How Old Is Betty Grafstein? 

Grafstein us 94 years old at the time of writing. She celebrated her 94th birthday in November 2022 with friends and loved ones.

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