Bettina Tietjen’s illness. Full details

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German television presenter Bettina Tietjen is well-known and has been working for many years. She was born in Wuppertal, Germany, on January 5, 1960, and has gained notoriety on German television. Tietjen is renowned for her prodigious contributions to numerous television programs and her multifaceted career.

Early Life and Education

Bettina Tietjen demonstrated her intellectual prowess from a young age by finishing her studies in German and Romance studies as well as studying Art History in Münster and Paris. Her career in the media began as a reporter and author for RIAS Berlin, NDR, and various newspaper publishers.


Bettina Tietjen established herself in the television industry by moderating and anchoring a number of programs. She contributed to the current hour on WDR television, hosted the RIAS breakfast television, and worked on the Deutsche Welle journal. She still hosts the well-liked “DAS!” show on NDR television today.

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Tietjen collaborated on some notable television projects with Eva Herman. From 1997 to 2007, they co-hosted the “Stargeflüster” celebrity talk show. Due to the program’s popularity, it was renamed “Herman & Tietjen.” After parting ways with Eva Herman in 2007, the program changed its name to “Talk with Tietjen.”

In 2008, she welcomed Yared Dibaba as a new co-host, and the show was rebranded as “Tietjen and Dibaba.” Eventually, Eckart von Hirschhausen took over from Dibaba, resulting in the show becoming “Tietjen and Hirschhausen.” In 2014, Hirschhausen decided to leave the program. Since February 6, 2015, Bettina Tietjen has hosted the program alongside Alexander Bommes, which was later renamed “Tietjen and Bommes.”

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The career of Tietjen goes beyond television. She began hosting the Sunday radio talk show “Tietjen talkt” on NDR 2 in September 2008. She took over from Florian Weber in 2011 as the host of the “Who saw it” broadcast, a 45-minute quiz show that tests TV knowledge among celebrities. She also assumed control of the publication’s moderation, “Tietjen auf Touren,” a magazine featuring celebrity travel.

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In 2003, Bettina Tietjen released a CD titled “Swing It!” on which she performed swinging standards with Eva Herman, Max Raabe, and Hape Kerkeling, her former TV co-star. She additionally made cameo appearances in the popular TV shows “Pastewka” in 2011 and “Großstadtrevier” in the episode “The 2nd Man” in 2013.

Is Bettina Tietjen Sick?

There is no available information about the health of Bettina Tietjen. However, there is no report about her being sick.


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