Permed Hair Styles In Ghana. Full Details


In this post, I am going to bring you some of the best permed hair styles in Ghana and everything worth knowing about these hairstyles. 

Perms can be used to provide a curling effect or as a relaxer to achieve straight hair in Black hair. Curly perms are becoming increasingly popular as more ladies seek for natural-looking curled styles. It’s particularly effective on short hairstyles like pixies and long bobs, which may shape and define your appearance.

Below are some of the best permed hair style in Ghana. 

Permed Hair Styles In Ghana

1. Round Pixie 

A round pixie with a little more height is the ideal way to balance out a round face. This will also help you show off your curls. Hair should be trimmed close to the ears for a sleek, slimline appearance.

2. Tapered Pixie

Faded styles are really popular these days, so why not give them a try? We adore how the intricacy contrasts with the gorgeous curls. Cut hair close to the head, over the ears, and on the back of the neck to achieve this tapered short perm.

3. Medium Bob with Side Part

Are you interested in enhancing your jawline? This softly layered medium bob is ideal for sculpting and defining your face. Every face shape can benefit from a side portion.

4. Long Pixie with Side Part

All your pixie style really needs is a lovely perm. Play with frizzy texture for a look that is both jealous and fresh. A short side part will contour your haircut and draw attention to those gorgeous cheekbones.

5. Pin Curls 

Regardless matter the event, pin curls are an elegant and glamorous style. This simple style is suitable for all ages and can endure for months with modest touch-ups. Don’t forget to pin curl the hair over each ear as well.

6. Long Bob + Perm

Because of its length, this curly perm for short black hair is incredibly functional. Hair can be done down, half-up, or up-doed with ease this manner. The best method to show off those magnificent curls, though, is worn down. Check out these trends if you’re looking for perm hair ideas for older women.

7. Tousled and Textured Pixie

With a sultry, tousled pixie, you can channel your inner Halle Berry. Chocolate brown balayage highlights that wonderfully grab the light complete this look. If you like bangs, get a few tendrils clipped over your brow by your stylist.


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