Bertolt Brecht Cause of Death: Full Details

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Bertolt Brecht was born on February 10, 1898 in East Berlin. Bertolt Brecht can be described as a German playwright, poet and librettist. He was a poet, playwright and librettist who was well-known in the 20th century.

As of now, his works are used all over the world and he is considered the founder and the one who implemented what is known as epic theater or dialectical theater.

Her Children, Mother Courage, and The Threepenny Opera are some of the plays or works Bertolt Brecht is widely known for. He is also known for Saint Joan of the Slaughterhouses which was critical of capitalism.

Without a doubt, Bertolt Brecht was an important German poet in the 20th century especially as his works focus on all genres and forms. His works also create a balance between politics and subjectivity.

Bertolt Brecht, with his first volume of poems, Hausopostille, renewed ballad poetry through couplets and banquets.

With respect to his work, Svendborg Poems, he also freed the folk tone from mystifications such as epigonality by redeveloping the children’s song for the folk song; expanding the ballad into a narrative poem through the use of epic elements.

Bertolt Brecht Cause of Death

It must be noted that Bertolt Brecht unfortunately died on August 14, 1956, at 11:30 p.m. Prior to his death on August 14, 1956, Bertolt Brecht was believed to have suffered a heart attack two days earlier.

It was also known that he suffered from rheumatic fever in his childhood days and it was believed that it had a negative impact on his heart which also generated chronic heart problems.

He also developed chorea minor and urological issues due to the rheumatic fever he suffered from. On August 17, 1956, Bertolt Brecht was buried and as instructed, no one spoke on his grave.

Before His Death

However, even before Bertolt Brecht died, on May 15, 1955, he wrote his will and addressed it to one Rudolph Engel, According to the will, Bertolt Brecht didn’t want to lie in public when he died and no one should even speak on his grave.

He also asked to be buried in the cemetery next to his house. A year after writing the will, he suffered influenza and was admitted to the Berlin Charite Hospital.

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