Benefits Of Drinking Clove Water

Cloves are a well-known fertility booster for both men and women, and have been claimed to treat both male and female infertility.
People consume clove water after it has been steeped in water to treat infertility and improve conception.

The following are some of the ways that clove water can help you conceive….

1. Boosts Ovulation

Clove water is said to stimulate ovulation and improve a woman’s chances of conception. Clove water is used by many women who are trying to conceive to help them get pregnant. Cloves are thought to boost LH production. During ovulation and menstruation, the hormone LH stimulates the ovaries to release eggs.

Benefits Of Drinking Clove Water 1

During ovulation, can I consume clove water?
Yes, drinking clove water during your ovulatory period can help you release more eggs while also reducing menstrual pains.

When is the best time to drink clove water to induce ovulation?
As soon as your last menstrual period has passed… Until your next ovulation, take morning and evening.

2. Menstrual cycle regularization

After consuming clove steeped in water every morning and evening, women who had stopped menstruating had their menstrual flow restored.

3. Increases sperm count and motility

Drinking cloves water first thing in the morning has been said to help enhance sperm count, sperm production, motility, and semen/sperm volume.
Cloves water is known to be beneficial in the treatment of oligospermia and azoospermia.
However, these assertions have yet to be scientifically validated.

4. Twinning: Cloves for twin conception?

Is it safe to drink clove water if you have twins?
Because clove water is thought to promote multiple ovulation, a woman who drinks it for ovulation is more likely to become pregnant and give birth to twins.

Please keep in mind that the theory that cloves water induces twin gestation is only a rumor and not scientifically proven.

5. Increases libido

Clove water aids in the rise of testosterone levels in the blood.

In both males and females, testosterone is the primary libido stimulant.
Cloves water aids in the prevention of premature ejaculation and allows a guy to stay in bed longer.

6. It improves erection

I’ve met people that say that drinking a cup of clove water before action improves their erection. I’ve realized that one person’s aphrodisiac is another person’s poison. I’m still perplexed as to how males use clove steeped in water to stay in bed longer. Cloves, according to some, enhance blood flow to the genitals in order to accomplish this accomplishment.

Let me now discuss how to make clove water for fertility.

How to Make Fertility Clove Water

1. Grind three clove sticks.

2. Fill a clean pot halfway with drinkable water and bring to a boil for around 15 minutes.

3. Remove from heat and sieve or filter with a clean cloth.

4. Your clove water is now ready to consume or serve.

In a similar fashion, Some people just soak some cloves in clean water for 24 hours and then consume it. Cloves water can be kept in the refrigerator and consumed cold.



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