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Who Is Ben Mintz?

Ben Mintz is an American sports bettor, handicapper, and podcast host who gained popularity for his work in the sports media industry. He was born on November 13, 1983, in Metairie, Louisiana, and grew up in New Orleans.

Mintz earned a journalism degree from the University of Georgia. He worked for several media organizations after graduating, including 104.5 ESPN in Baton Rouge, where he presented a sports talk radio show.

Ben Mintz Age, Wiki, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Biography, Net Worth

Additionally, he wrote as a freelancer for a number of periodicals, such as ESPN The Magazine and the Times-Picayune newspaper.

Mintz relocated to Las Vegas in 2015 in order to pursue a career in sports betting. He started off as a professional sports handicapper, offering picks and forecasts to customers who wanted to wager on sporting events.

He immediately established a reputation for being an authority on college basketball and football, and sports bettors all around the nation closely followed his predictions.

Ben Mintz Age, Wiki, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Biography, Net Worth

Mintz not only worked as a handicapper but also served as the host of several sports betting podcasts. He co-hosted “Behind the Bets” with Chris Fallica of ESPN and “Football Fridays” with Tony Miller, the director of the Golden Nugget sportsbook.

Ben Mintz also produced his own podcast, “Sports Talk with Ben Mintz,” on which he conducted interviews with athletes and analysts of upcoming contests and events.

When Mintz was hired by the well-known sports media brand Barstool Sports in 2020, his professional life had a significant upswing.

He started appearing frequently on the company’s well-liked “Pick Central” show, where he offered his opinions and predictions on a variety of sporting events. He also started presenting his own program, “The Ben Mintz Show,” which featured guest interviews.

Mintz is well recognized for his appreciation of New Orleans and its distinctive culture in addition to his career as a sports media professional. He frequently attends the city’s numerous festivals and events, and he frequently posts about them on social media.

Ben Mintz has established himself as a prominent figure in the sports media sector as a successful sports bettor, handicapper, and media personality.

He has gained a following among sports enthusiasts around the nation thanks to his knowledge of sports betting and his love of New Orleans culture.

Ben Mintz Height

Ben Mintz appears to be about 5 feet 10 inches tall. His precise height and other physical characteristics are still unknown.

He is known to have a very great and awesome personality as well.

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