Balanced Diet Menu for a Week in Ghana

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A balanced diet menu for a week can help someone maintain a healthful diet and manage their health and weight. It can also save time and be cost-effective.

This article provides a 7-day weekly balanced diet menu for adults.

It includes foods that research suggests are beneficial to health.

A 7-day meal plan can help someone maintain a healthful diet.

The advantage is that people can plan their shopping, preparation, and cooking, and avoid buying and eating unhealthful foods outside.

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A person can also batch cook meals and freeze them to save time.

Additionally, it may be more cost-effective to buy ingredients in bulk and use them for meals throughout the week.

Below is our one week balanced diet menu for your perusal.

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NB: if you need a professional dietary advice, talk to a licensed dietician.

1 Week Balanced Diet Menu

Day 1


Lipton with a toasted bread and egg.

Morning Snack



Fufu with light soup and goat meat.

Afternoon snack

Any preferred cold local drink such as brukina, aliha, sobolo or lamugine.



Vegetable salad and an oat milk hot drink before bed.

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Day 2


Hausa Koko with bread, groundnut and magarine.

Morning Snack



Using a balanced diet meal plan can help someone to eat a healthful diet.

A person can calculate how many calories they need each day and adjust recipes and meals accordingly.

A person must eat a variety of different foods, so someone could rotate two or more weekly plans.

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