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Bajaj Fan Prices In Ghana. June 2023

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Ceiling fans are the most disregarded, yet altogether significant machines in our homes. We can’t envision our lives without these designing wonders; from planning the edges to creating the body to not just convey ideal working paces and air conveyance, yet additionally, to work on the style of your room, the scope of fans from Bajaj will make for a brilliant option to your home.

Straightforward yet rich, the Bajaj roof fans join mechanical creativity with imaginative plans, giving successful cooling arrangements that will both move and fulfill your requirements.

The fans presented by Bajaj additionally arrive in a wide scope of tones, styles, and costs. Shield yourself from the singing summer heat by getting back the Bajaj roof fan today.

Bajaj fans come in different sizes, styles, and performances.


The Production scope of fans from Bajaj gives ideal usefulness and is planned with the end goal that they supplement the feel of your room. To guarantee you experience unrivaled quality and style, this scope of fans offers superb execution with a tasteful completion.


Being a presumed name in the fan business, Bajaj Electricals has been adjusting to your advancing requirements and working on the plans of fans to suit your way of life and supplement your home stylistic theme.

From tastefully satisfying shadings to dazzling plans, our contributions increase the value of your home as well as accompany a variety of innovative highlights that guarantee a solid home.

The exclusive scope of fans comes in four series, Anti-Bacterial and Bye-Bye Dust, Disney and Marvel, Designer and Under-light Series, Anti-Viral.

General specifications


These are the main specifications for Bajaj ceiling fan for various places and functions:

  1. An enlivening fan with a brilliant ring on the engine and alluring trims on the blade edges.
  2. Beautiful and large motor size with a decorative ring and different tone colors
  3. Prevalent grade electric steel cover for longer life and low power utilization
  4. Prevalent metal ball bearing gives murmur calm activity and longer life
  5. Programmed twisting to guarantee steady quality and more noteworthy dependability
  6. Power: 60-watts, Air Delivery-210 CMM, Rated Speed (RPM)- 300.
  7. Extraordinarily planned engine with more extensive tip cutting edges gives most extreme air conveyance

Bajaj Fan Price In Ghana

  1. Bajaj ARK 1200 MM Azotic Topaz Ceiling Fan — 250gh
  2. Bajaj ARK 1200 mm Sunshine Gold Ceiling Fan — 150gh
  3. Bajaj ARK 1200 mm White Ceiling Fan — 300gh
  4. Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300 mm Ceiling Fan Kashmir Beige –350gh
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