Baby Wardrobe Prices In Ghana. Full Details

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In this post, I am going to bring you all the accurate baby wardrobe prices in Ghana, as well as other relevant information worth knowing about baby wardrobes. 

Having a baby wardrobe is really helpful as it allows you to keep your baby’s clothes from mixing with your clothes and also in an order you like them to be in. 

Baby wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. They are usually designed to take little space in your bedroom, so if you don’t have enough space in your house don’t worry at all. 

Even though not popular in many homes, modern moms are giving rave reviews on baby wardrobes as it helps them save time in searching for what their babies will wear during the day. Let’s check out the price of baby wardrobes across various online stores in the country. 

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Baby Wardrobe Prices In Ghana

Jumia Online 

6 Tier Plastic Baby Wardrobe – Multicolour – GHC 1,280.00

5 Tier Plastic Baby Wardrobe – White/Multicolour – GHC 950.00

5 Tier Plastic Baby Wardrobe – White/Blue – GHC 1,200.00

Rosy Clothes Wardrobe Plastic DollHouse Furniture Clothing Accessories – GHC 65.00

4-In-1 Plastic Baby Wardrobe – Multicolour – GHC 430.00

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Jiji Online 

Baby Drawers – GHC 850.00

4 Set Baby Drawers – GHC 150.00


Baby Wardrobe – GHC 380.00

Baby wardrobe/ cabinet – GHC 280.00

4 big drawers and 2 small, pink and blue colour Baby Wardrobe – GHC 600.00

Where To Buy Your Baby Wardrobe

For convenience sake, check out any of the websites listed above for your baby’s wardrobe or read our previous post on mother care shops in Accra to find the shop near you where you can get all your baby’s needs.


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