Baby Bath Set Price In Ghana

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If you are a nursing mother and need a set of baby bath set you are at the right place. if you are pregnant, you should prepare before your bouncing baby boy or girl arrives. The preparation spans across several baby products. Baby bath set happens to be one of the significant items you’ll need in the best interest of your child.

In this article, we bring you the prices of baby bath sets, where to buy and probably any other relevant information that you may find useful. Thank you.

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Why use baby bath sets?

The benefits of using baby tubs are a lot. We will look at a few. Baby bath set:

  • Prevents slippage
  • Provides adequate comfort
  • Helps to keep baby upright
  • will help you avoid the hassle of bending or squatting. It’s also extremely helpful for mothers who have had a Cesarean section, and will also prevent you from wasting water.
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Price of Baby Bath Set in Ghana

View the prices of baby bath set and where to purchase them below.

Baby Bath Set Price Contact Seller
Baby Bath Set GH₵ 75 0243837904
Baby Bath Set GH₵ 250 GH₵ 250
Fitchbaby Foldable Baby Bath GH₵ 130 0206303035
4 Pieces Baby Bath GH₵ 220 0242959396
MINOINS Baby Bath Set GH₵ 250 0246477426
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In Ghana, a baby bath set is priced between GHC 70.00 – GHC 250.00


Where to buy baby bath sets in Ghana

Baby bath sets are listed for sale on popular online stores like Jumia Ghana, Jiji, and many more. Log on to any of these sites and make your choice. Thank you.

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