Ayleen Ambs’ Parents: All You Need To Know

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On July 21, 2022, Ayleen Ambs who was then 14 years old could not be seen and there was no trace of her whereabouts.

Ayleen Ambs was about 1.75 meters tall, had long brown hair and was wearing black hot pants and a crop top at the time she was reported missing.

It is believed that on the day of the disappearance of Ayleen Ambs, she was said to have been in the company of another girl on the Stadtbahn bridge at Freiburg main station between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

A witness claimed to have seen Ayleen Ambs at about 9:30 pm on the country road between Waltershofen and Gottenheim.

The whereabouts of Ayleen Ambs was still unknown until eight days when a body was recovered in Teufelssee lake in the central German state of Hesse.

According to the German police, Ayleen Ambs was taken from her home by a car and it was suspected that on the night of July 21 to July 22, something happened that led to the death of Ayleen Ambs.

It was reported that it was the prime suspect who led the police to the resting place of Ayleen Ambs.

The prime suspect was 29 years old and it was reported that he was on a rehabilitation programme after his release from police custody.

This was after he had attempted raping an 11-year old at a time when he was only 14 years old.

It was also reported that he received psychiatric treatment from 2007 to 2017. The prime suspect in the case of missing Ayleen Ambs and subsequent retrieval of her corpse, was arrested for confiscation of minors, sexual assault and murder with intent to cover up.

It is not clear where Ayleen Ambs was killed but it is important to reveal and indicate that her clothes were found in the prime suspect’s apartment.

The German Police found out that for several weeks, Ayleen Ambs was in touch with the prime suspect and it was obvious that they knew each other.

The corpse of Ayleen Ambs was found about 186 miles away from her home of Gottenheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Ayleen Ambs’ Parents

Not much is known about the parents of Ayleen Ambs.

The parents of Ayleen Ambs live a very private life and as such their details, whereabouts, professions, activities and movements are out of the public space.

Regardless of that, they seem to love Ayleen Ambs so much and still have memories of her.

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