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How To Become A Pilot In Ghana – Guidelines

Introduction You likely have a huge number of inquiries with regards to capabilities, terms, and prerequisites vital for pilot preparation in Ghana. Worry not, as this article has aggregated the most fundamental things you need to know in order to become a pilot in Ghana. After carefully reading this article, you know all that is… Read More »

Marine Plywood Price In Ghana

Introduction Gone were the days where we use to build everything with blocks and mud In recent times, people prefer a safer and cheaper way of building. If you take a careful look, you will notice that cement and blocks are the major cause of serious damage during natural disasters. This is the reason why… Read More »

Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting

Today we will be talking about fasting and its spiritual benefits but before that let’s first look at the meaning of fasting. What Is Fasting When we say fasting,it simply refers to the practice of not eating or drinking for a specific period of time. When fasting, some people allow themselves to drink water. Others, however,… Read More »

Sankofa Poultry Feed Price In Ghana

Are you a poultry farmer, or do you have intentions of venturing into the bird rearing business very soon? This article will be of great help to you because after carefully reading it, you will be able to project the amount of money you will be spending on the animals’ feed alone. If you are… Read More »

Guidelines For Online Passport Application

A few years back, people had to join a long queue to register or renew their passports. You can now do all of these online and save yourself from stress and time-wasting. To apply for passport renewal in Ghana, you have to visit . Here are some important information you must notice before applying… Read More »

Application For A Bank Loan – Guidelines

In this article, we will be talking about how to write the perfect application for a bank loan. Now, take a careful look at the guidelines provided to come up with your own version of “Application For A Bank Loan” letter Dear (Sir/Madam and the loan manager),” Following my visit to the bank yesterday where… Read More »


A MATERIALS ENGINEER develop, process, and test materials used to create a wide range of products. They study and evaluate the structures and properties of metal, composites, ceramics, plastics and nanomaterials to create new materials that can meet the particular chemical, electrical and mechanical specifications. Generaly, they work in offices where they have access to… Read More »

Fees For Teacher Training Colleges In Ghana

Today, we will be looking at the fees for teacher training colleges in Ghana. Many guardians and parents seek this information in order to know the amount of money they will be spending on their wards throughout their stay in college. Kindly relax and thoroughly read this article to get the answers to your question.… Read More »