Attorney King Net Worth

By | July 13, 2022

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About King Aminpour

The most successful lawyer in the United States is King Aminpour. In addition, he established Amnipour and Associates, a law practice. He has extensive experience as a lawyer for auto accidents. Among the best restaurateurs in North America, he is also well-known. King Aminpour’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million in 2022.

Early Life

King Aminpour was born in the United States; his precise date of birth is unclear. He is between 45 and 55 years old right now. His early years have not been made public. His formative years are confidential.

King Aminpour seldom ever makes any reference of his biographical information. The internet does not include information about his birthdate, age, parents, or other family members. His ethnicity is also unknown, however he is an American citizen and resides in California.

In terms of education, he began college at age 19 and finished law school. He was the nation’s youngest attorney when he completed law school.

Attorney King Net Worth 1

Personal Life

King Aminpour is a husband and father. Although it is unknown what his wife’s name was, they were married. Their daughter was shared. He kept his private affairs hidden from the public. There is nothing to know about his prior relationship because his personal life is private.

Age, Height, and Weight

King Aminpour will range in age from 44 to 55 in 2022. The height of King Aminpour is unavailable. He has an unknown weight.


King Aminpour established his law company, “Amnipour and Associates,” after earning his degree. The King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer practice was founded in 2006.

King Aminpour has been assisting vehicle accident victims in getting their money back and justice since 1996.

Over the course of the last two decades, he has advocated on behalf of over 17,000 people. For its customer, the firm has recovered $100 Million.

His professional team, which consists of Auri Aminpour, Chelsea Grover, Ashraf Dugum, and Michael Vandalia, is expanding alongside the company.

Many individuals have been touched by the generosity and goodwill of King Aminpour. Due to his successes in business and philanthropy, he was chosen by the public as the best personal injury attorney. This is the reason he has received five terms in office.

Social Media Links

King Aminpour enjoys posting his photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He frequently updates his admirers on his activities on social media platforms. On Instagram, he is followed by 31.6K users. He is well-known and has a large following on social media. King Aminpour will have a $800 million net worth in 2022.

Attorney King Net Worth

King Aminpour’s net worth is projected to be $800 million in 2022. His work as a vehicle accident lawyer is how he made his money. His generosity is demonstrated by the one million meals he annually distributes to those in need in San Diego.

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