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Attilio Romita can be described as a famous journalist, TV host, media personality, author, presenter, and public figure. He is known to have worked in different fields and aspects of journalism over the years.

He was born on August 1, 1953 in Bari, Italy. Bari, Italy is reported to have relocated to London at the age of 14 for education. He graduated in Law and he is said to have started his journalism career while still at the university.

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He worked for Bari Radiono and then moved to Telebari, a private television station. It must be noted that in 2022, Attilio Romita took part in the Big Brother VIP Event edition.

He is quite active on social media been posting movies and pictures on his social media accounts. Attilio Romita signed a professional apprenticeship contract at the Olympic Journalism Cooperative, managed by Mario Gismondi, publisher of the Puglia Daily in 1979.

The career of Attilio Romita started off with him being a sports journalist. He joined the the editorial team of the Opinion office in Bari, where he hosted regional news but he was later transferred to Gr1 in Rome in 1990.

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Currently, there isn’t any information about the parents and siblings of Attilio Romita. His net worth is estimated tob be about around $1 million. Attilio Romita is currently 70 years old.

Attilio Romita First wife

The first marriage of Attilio Romita was to Angela. When Attilio Romita and Angela were married and together, they gave birth to a daughter called Alessia.

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However the marriage between Attilio Romita and Angela did not stand the test of time. Attilio Romita subsequently got married to Mimma Fusco, a self-employed entrepreneur.

She has been the head of Puglia Solutions, a firm that specializes in environmental sanitation, an area in which it has distinguished itself for its innovation, quality, and expertise since 2001.


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