Atala Iron Rods Prices In Ghana. Full Details

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We can all agree that the best and durable construction projects are done with the right building materials. But sometimes, finding the right building material at a very competitive price can be very challenging. Probably you might be going through that tough experience, but don’t worry, keep reading this article along with our other articles, and you will thank me later.

In this article, I will take you through the prices of one of the best Iron rods on the market: Atala iron rods. But before I get into that, let me take you through a thing or two about Atala Limited, the producers of Atala iron rods.

About Atala Limited

Atala Limited is Ghana’s leading supplier of steel products such as rebars (iron rods) and Cement. Our operations include the supply of High Tensile Strength rebars imported from Europe and Mild Steel Rebars, angle irons, binding wire, nails, BRC mesh and steel plates.

Atala provides quality-building materials to consumers at unbeatable prices while not compromising on quality and safety.

Atala Iron Rods Prices In Ghana

Below is the price list of Atala iron rods on the Ghanaian market.

1/4 (6MM) 550 PCS 9.00 2,720.00
3/8 (7.5MM) 300 PCS 7.00 2,060.00
3/8 (7.5MM) (STD) 300 PCS 7.40 2,200.00
8MM (30FT) 240 PCS 14.50 3,450.00
10MM (30FT) 170 PCS 17.50 2,950.00
11.5MM (30FT) 150 PCS 22.00 3,300.00
12MM Ordinary 125 PCS 26.50 3,300.00
12MM (STD) 123 PCS 33.00 4,050.00
16MM Ordinary 95 PCS 47.50 3,300.00


16MM (STD) 70 60.00 4,050.00
20MM 44 92.50 4,050.00
25MM 28 138.00 3,860.00
8MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 210 21.80 4,500.00
10MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 127 35.70 4,500.00
12MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 92 49.00 4,500.00
20MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 33 137.00 4,500.00
25MM (40FT) HIGH TENSILE 21 216.00 4,500.00
32MM (40) HIGH TENSILE 13 334.70 4,350.00


Where To Buy You Atala Iron Rods

You can get your Atala iron rods at all Atala Limited branches across the country. You can also get Atala iron rods at other supplier shops across the country. If you are having any difficulty just contact them with the information below wherever you are in the country.

Atala Limited
P.O. Box 15696
Accra – North

Address: Opposite Kata Hostel George bush Motorway, (N1) Accra
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233501317747, +233501317730

Kumasi Branch
Address: Gakye Junction (Adjacent Ambassador Records, Kumasi,GH
Phone: +233303930225, +233501317745

Nkawkaw Branch
Address: Kwahu West, Nkawkaw, GH
Phone: +233501317750

Barrier Branch
Address: Opposite Gicel Weija, Accra, Kasoa-Winneba Road, Accra GH
Phone: +233302850576, +233501317751

Takoradi Branch
Address: J.B Danquah Road, Fijai Junction, Takoradi, GH
Phone: +233501397372

Sunyani Branch
Address: Kumasi – Sunyani Road, Abesem, Sunyani, GH
Phone: +233501317738

Kasoa Branch
Address: Kasoa New Market Road, Kasoa, Akweley, GH
Phone: +233303931198, +233501317752

Medie Branch
Address: Nsawam Road, Medie, GH
Phone: +233302965126, +233501317749

Achimota Branch
Address: Legon West Road, Accra, GH
Phone: +233302408811, +233501317748

Fetteh Branch
Address: Fetteh Kakraba, Awutu, GH
Phone: +233501397264

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  1. I need 2tons of 16mm, 2tons of 12mm and 1ton of 11mm, can you share the current price. i will like to buy from the medie branch to be transported to Obeyeyie Booso junction in Amasaman.

  2. i need 3 tons or 12mm and 1 ton of 16 mm in dodowa pls how possible can i get it? is there is depot around the dodowa axis of the greater accra region?


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