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Ashfoam Queen Size Mattress Price, Full Details. June 2023

A proper mattress is essential for excellent back health. Finding the ideal mattress that will provide you with a good night’s sleep necessitates both the proper support and the right level of comfort.

There are numerous things that influence back pain and how you sleep, but a good mattress has been shown to make a difference, and if you have the wrong mattress for you (or your once-suitable mattress is now old and worn out), you may be exacerbating your discomfort.

Getting the right mattress is all you need to improve your good night sleep. We at Ghana Insider have decided to bring you one of the quality mattresses on the market. Ashfoam Queen size mattress is one of the well known brands used in the country. In this article, I will take you through the price of Ashfoam queen size mattress in Ghana.

But before I get into that let’s learn something brief about Ashfoam queen size mattress.

About Ashfoam Queen Size Mattress

Ashfoam Queen size Beds are built entirely of the highest quality materials and are really affordable. Ashfoam has been a trusted name in Ghana for decades when it comes to producing high-quality, low-cost beds, mattresses, pillows, sofas, and other accessories.

Price Of Ashfoam Queen Size Mattress In Ghana

If you dreaming of having an Ashfoam queen size bed for yourself and your family, then you are in luck because they are sold at a relatively affordable price here in Ghana. One Ashfoam Queen size mattress goes for GHS 1,350.00.

Where To Buy Your Ashfoam Queen Size Mattress 

Walk into any Ashfoam showroom near you today and grab your Ashfoam Queen Size Mattress for yourself and your family or you can order it online via and have it delivered to you at your doorstep in no time. 

Address And Contact Of Ashfoam Ghana

ADDRESS: 9-12 Dadeban Road, North Industrial Area, Accra North

EMAIL: [email protected]

Phone: +233 302 228 982


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