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Artificial Carpet Grass Price In Ghana. May 2023

Artificial carpet grass gives you a fluffy and luxuriant feel under your feet anytime you step on it. As cool as it is, there is no need to mow/weed it or even apply any fertilizer on it. Also, there’s less maintenance required in keeping artificial carpet grass. You can go ahead to sweep off any leaves or yet still, you can use a leaf blower to take off any leaves over the lawn.

By now, you might be asking how much it will cost you to purchase an artificial carpet grass in Ghana. This article will definitely satisfy your curiosity.

Before you read further, I want to let you know what this post entails. In this post, you are going to know what an article carpet grass is, the types of artificial carpet grass and lastly, the price of artificial carpet grass in Ghana. Keep reading to discover more.

About Artificial Carpet Grass

Artificial grass is a carpeting of green man-made, artificial or synthetic fibres that are formed to appear like real grass. It is generally made of polyethylene and polypropylene.

On most occasions, people interchange the name of artificial grass with terms like: Astroturf, Synthetic turf, Synthetic grass and Fake grass.

However, Astroturf is a brand name for a certain artificial grass company which has its root from the USA. Other names such as: Synthetic turf, Synthetic grass and Fake grass, are used to depict the nature of an artificial grass but not really the name. Well, there is no offense when you call it a lawn or turf.

Researches have proven that, artificial lawns are cost effective than the natural lawns. Artificial carpet grasses can be installed at homes, schools, football pitches, churches, rooftops, childcare centers, around pool areas, courtyards and others.

Types Of Artificial Carpet Grass

There are various types of artificial carpet grasses. However, the types are dependent on: the height, thickness, how realistic it appears.

Prices Of Artificial Carpet Grass In Ghana

The prices of artificial carpet grasses are hugely influenced by their heights or sizes and their thicknesses as well. Check some of the sizes and their cost.

An Artificial Lawn Turf Grass Mat Landscape Floor Decor – [12ft x12ft (20mm) – Green] will cost you GH₵ 1,429.00 – GH₵ 1,550.00

Realistic Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass/Turf – [ height – 35mm, density-170s/m, 17850s/m2] will cost you GH¢ 200.00.

Tamera Artificial Solid Grass Design Turf – [ height – 35mm, density-170s/m, 17850s/m2] will cost you GH¢ 200.00

Artificial Grass 4mx1m goes for GH₵ 450 – GH₵ 129.00

10mm Grass Height/Thickness with Pure Green Colour goes for GH¢ 70 per square meter or GH¢ 140 per yard.

Where You Can Buy An Artificial Carpet Grass In Ghana

You can check the following e-commerce stores in Ghana for the prices of artificial carpet grasses.

  • Jiji Market
  • Jumia Ghana
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