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Arno Assmann’s Biography, Wikipedia

Arno Assmann lived between July 30, 1908, and November 30, 1979. He was born in Bresiau and died in Breitbrunn. Arno Assmann can be described as a German singer, actor, director, voice actor and theatre director.

He attended secondary school in Bresiau and started studying music after he had graduated from secondary school. He could play the violin and viola and as a member of a coffee house band, he was able to finance his studies.

He made a move to Frankfurt am Main and while there, he sent an application to the theater to become an actor. After working at the Frankfurt am Main for some time , Arno Assmann left to Gorlitz. He made appearances on stages in Kiel as Lubeck at Schleswig-Holstein. Arno Assmann is known to have made appearances in almost 100 radio plays.
Arno Assmann was also involved in opera shows.

His first marriage was to dancer Heide Heidemann. Later in 1961, he married the journalist Lore Ostermann. Lore unfortunately committed suicide in November 1979. Arno Assmann also took an overdose of sleeping tablets few days later and he died as a result. He was laid to rest in the Waldfriedhof in Munich.

Some of the films Arno Assmann acted in include The Original Sin (1948), The Last Illusion (1949), My Wife’s Friends (1949), The Orplid Mystery (1950), Harbour Melody (1950), Gabriela (1950), Decision Before Dawn (1951), Sensation in San Remo (1951), Woe to Him Who Loves (1951) and The Csardas Princess (1951).

He also directed the following films: 1958: Jim and Jill (TV movie), 1960: I Always Want to be Yours, 1964: Die Fledermaus (TV film, also screenplay), 1967: Getting married is always a risk (TV movie), 1974: The Liar (TV movie), 1974: Diplomatic Baggage (TV film), 1978: Martha and 1978: The Opera Ball (TV film, also screenplay).

Some of the radio plays to his credit also include1953: Stefan Zweig : The Lamb of the Poor (Bonaparte, General) – Director: Frände Roloff (HR), 1962: Fritz von Unruh : Bonaparte – 12 Hours of March 21, 1804 – Director: Hans Krendlesberger (ORF) and 1976: Curt Goetz : The House in Montevideo (Prof. Traugott Hermann) – Director: Heinz Günther Stamm (BR).

Arno Assmann’s Height, Weight

His height and weight are not available.

Arno Assmann’s Net Worth

There is no detail about his net worth.

Arno Assmann’s Age, Birth Date

Arno Assmann was born on July 30, 1908, and died on November 30, 1979. He was 71 years old at the time of his death.

Arno Assmann’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

It must be known that he married dancer Heide Heidemann and that was his first marriage. Later in 1961, he married the journalist Lore Ostermann. Lore unfortunately committed suicide in November 1979. There is no information on whether he had children or not.

Arno Assmann’s Parents

Details of the parents of Arno Assmann are not available.

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