Armin Himmelreich Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Armin’s legacy would forever be remembered, not only for his success in the show jumping arena but for his unwavering love and dedication to his family.

May he rest in peace, knowing that his impact on those he left behind would never fade away.

Armin Himmelreich’s Biography

Armin Himmelreich, a talented show jumper, tragically passed away at the age of 53, leaving behind a devastated family and a legacy of success in the equestrian world.

Naomi Himmelreich, his daughter, expressed her sadness and affection for her father in an emotional Instagram post.

Naomi, a young and promising showjumper herself, fought back tears as she bid her father farewell. Armin’s death was a heartbreaking blow, and the 15-year-old struggled to accept the reality of his absence.

She conveyed her deep regret, admitting that learning to live without him was a lesson she didn’t want to learn. Naomi mourned her father terribly, remembering how he was always there for her, shielding her from everything.

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She was unsure how life would go on without him, but she promised to respect his desires and find happiness in the memories they shared.

Armin Himmelreich will be remembered as a smart, witty, quirky, and, most importantly, honest man.

Armin had a successful show jumping career spanning several decades. In the advanced level, he had an amazing record of almost 500 victories.

He was also a well-known horse breeder and trader, demonstrating his expertise and passion for the equestrian field. Armin’s passion for horses led him to compete in prestigious contests such as the Sunshine Tour, where he demonstrated his abilities.

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Family was also a significant part of his life, and he enjoyed spending time with them in warm southern locations.

Luisa, Armin’s wife, was a brilliant show jumper who had relocated from the calm Baltic Sea shores to join Armin in Hesse.

They started their family together, with Naomi in 2007 and their baby Jolie due in 2021. Armin’s love for his family was obvious, and he dedicated his life to being a caring husband and father.

While the equestrian community was still reeling from Armin’s death, his achievements and impact on the sport were evident. His recent competitive successes demonstrated his talent and tenacity.

Armin competed in the Vilamoura CSI3* event in November 2022, producing outstanding results with his horse, Vino V’t Kosterhof Z. Competing in the Grand Prix Table A with an obstacle height of 150, he finished in 48th place.

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In addition, he finished fourth and 25th in Table A events with an obstacle height of 145. These remarkable results contributed to his Longines Rankings position of 1302 with 100 points.

Armin Himmelreich’s death left a vacuum in the show-jumping world as well as in his family’s hearts.

The equestrian community lamented the loss of a talented and accomplished rider, while his wife and children mourned the loss of their beloved husband and father.

Armin Himmelreich Cause Of Death

Armin Himmelreich’s Cause Of Death is unknown as there is limited information on what might have led to his demise.




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