Are Ragini and Veeral Divorced?

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Ragini and Veeral brought a delightful twist to their wedding reception slideshow, opting for humor instead of the usual sentimental highlights. They playfully showcased their first date and the comical journey that led to their inseparable bond. Quirky snapshots and hilarious mishaps from their early dates left guests in stitches, revealing their unique and lighthearted love story.

Who is Ragini?

Ragini Bahl was born to Vishwa and Saroj Bahl. She grew up surrounded by the rich culture and activism that her parents embraced.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the prestigious University of Texas, Austin, Ragini ventured to Los Angeles in 2007. There, she has established herself as an accomplished executive marketing director at Nielson’s, a global information and measurement company specializing in understanding consumer behavior.

Ragini’s father, Vishwa, is a civil engineer and co-owner of the esteemed consulting firm Ratnala & Bahl Engineers. Her mother, Saroj, boasts a PhD in nutrition and serves as a professor at the University Of Texas Houston School Of Dentistry. Alongside her academic achievements, Saroj has also held the esteemed position of past president of the Punjabi Culture Club, contributing significantly to the community.

In addition to her accomplished parents, Ragini’s older brother, Rahuk, is a successful entrepreneur who owns and operates two hotels in Austin and Clear Lake. With a rich family legacy and a thriving career of her own, Ragini Bahl is undoubtedly a trailblazer, making her mark in the corporate world while staying connected to her cultural roots and community in Houston.

Who is Veeral?

Veeral is a physician who earned his medical degree in California and now serves in the esteemed department of medical affairs at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Veeral’s dedication to medicine and patient care is evident in his career path.

His father, Harshad, is a respected pharmacist in Los Angeles, while his mother, Parmila, lovingly tends to the household as a homemaker. The close-knit family has always been a source of support and encouragement for Veeraj throughout his journey.

Veeral’s sister, Payel, has also found her happily ever after in a Punjabi family, the Tandons, known for their connection to the renowned Tandon Magnetic Corp. PC and hard drive manufacturer’s fame. Embracing their cultural heritage, Payel’s marriage brings together two families with shared traditions and values.

Humorous Journey of Ragini and Veeraj on their First Date

During the reception in Sugar Land, the bride’s mom shared an entertaining short video clip that, with a touch of creative embellishments, painted a humorous picture of the couple’s journey. In the video, Ragini playfully rejects suitors and comically deals with her father’s persistent Punjabi pleas for her to settle down. On the other hand, Veeral’s preference for workouts over searching for a girl, coupled with his amusing rejection of Gujarati girls and playful ogling on his way to the gym, added to the lighthearted narrative.

Despite the fun-filled scenes, the video showcased a pivotal moment when the two succumbed to societal pressure and met on Their first date was the beginning of a captivating journey as they fell for each other’s charm. Two years of dating ensued, marking the beautiful start of their journey towards a shared forever.

When did Ragini and Veeral got Married?

Ragini and Veeral’s long-awaited wedding was a joyous occasion, set in stunning venues like the San Diego Air & Space Museum and the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. On November 1, 2014, they exchanged vows, surrounded by love, followed by a splendid reception at the Sweetwater Country Club on January 17, 2015. The couple’s Houston roots were celebrated, and a captivating video collage made the festivities even more memorable, leaving everyone cherishing the beautiful celebration of their love and togetherness.

Are Ragini and Veeral Divorced?

Following their extravagant wedding, the couple embraced a peaceful and contented life, embarking on their new journey together. They embarked on a patient journey before receiving the delightful news of expecting twins in 2018. As of now, they are still happily married.

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