Application For Employment As An Accountant – Complete Guide


Applying for employment as an accountant is one of the most frequent activities in the world. Every institution wants a hardworking and experienced accountant to handle its financial activities.

Finding such a person to rely on in an institution can be very hard and sometimes unachievable. To present yourself quite worthy enough for the high-demand accounting jobs, one has to meet the qualities of being hardworking and disciplined at work.

But the only way to show your employer how best you could be is through your application.
But the problem is how can you write a correct application?

Well, we are going to assist you with that by providing you with some guidelines together with sample applications for you to refer from any time you want to write one.

Important things to take note of when writing such letters

  1. Age
  2. Skills
  3. Work experience
  4. Phone and email if you have one
  5. Don’t say anything you can’t do. Be honest
  6. CV
    Your CV must include your educational background and any other information you see relevant to land you the job.

Application For Employment As An Accountant

                                                                     [Your Address]

[Employer’s Address]

Dear Sir/Madam


With all humility, I write to your noble institution to ask to be employed to as an accountant.
I believe myself to be a person who is capable of providing the best when it comes to accounting. I give out one hundred percent of my all when I am at work. I am always prepared to meet challenges and render the best solutions to them. I have a piece of comprehensive knowledge of accounting and I’m ready at all time(s) to respond to an emergency call.

Personally, l, I am kind, regular, flexible and reliable and a good team player. In fact, I really enjoy working with a team. I am a multi-task individual and can deliver equally as better as I will deliver while working alone.

I also have much interest in working in an organization like yours that is committed to having a diverse workforce and accepts applications from all sections of the community.

I hope to be discussing my abilities and my capabilities with you in the near future.
With the greatest of all hopes, I will be expecting your call for an interview if due necessary. I hope this application of mine will be met with favorable consideration and lead me to get the job.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
[Your Name]
[Your Number]

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