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A well-known radio and television presenter, Annika Lau, née Kipp was born on March 12, 1979, in Munich, Germany. In the media sector, she has left a lasting influence. Throughout her career, Lau has presented magazines, breakfast television, and radio shows. Her success is a testament to her intelligence, adaptability, and unwavering love of communication.

Early Life and Education

Annika Lau graduated from Tutzing High School in 1999 thanks to her early academic success. Her first job in the media was as an intern at the Straubing radio station Radio AWN, following her academic achievement. Her training was completed and she gained priceless real-world experience at this station, which laid the foundation for her future success in the industry.


From 2002 to 2005, Lau was a common feature on the broadcasts of the popular German radio station Antenne Bayern. It was during this period that she gave several performances, showcasing her ability to entertain and connect with large audiences. Weekend presentations such as “Die Bayerische Nacht,” “Samt und Sonntag,” and “Guten Morgen Bayern” became more linked to Lau’s dynamic and fascinating style of hosting.

Lau returned to school to become a teacher and concentrate on history and German. She kept her career in radio while doing so.

Annika Lau had a dramatic career change when she agreed to co-host Sat.1’s breakfast television with Jan Hahn, Karen Heinrichs, Nadine Krüger, Gaby Papenburg, and Marlene Lufen from January 2006 until April 2008. After that, Lau transitioned to television broadcasting, where she easily translated her skills to the visual medium.

While co-hosting a breakfast show on Sat.1 television, she worked with a dynamic team to create a morning program that resonated with viewers throughout Germany.

After this profitable time, she continued to diversify her interests. She was the Sat.1 magazine’s host from April 2008 to January 2012. In May 2012, she started hosting “Push – Das Sat.1-Magazin,” the evening magazine that took its place. Lau maintained her flawless hosting abilities while working many jobs, including moderating the Sat.1 Gold service magazine “Echt Gold – Mein Magazin” from April 2013 to March 2014.

Annika Lau’s skills have been acknowledged throughout her career, and from July to September of 2015, she hosted the Focus TV Test magazine on Sat.1 Gold.

After giving birth to her twins in 2017, Lau showed her adaptability by taking on the role of Enie van de Meiklokjes during a break in “The Great Baking” season 1 on Saturday. This demonstrated her continued dedication to her work even after achieving personal goals.

From June 2021 until April 2022, Annika Lau returned to her former haunts. This time, she appeared on Sat.1 breakfast television to fill in for Alina Merkau, who was on maternity leave.

She began a new chapter in her career when she joined RTL in May 2022. She began anchoring RTL’s morning magazines, which included “Punkt 6,” “Punkt 7,” and “Punkt 8,” in addition to the renowned “Gala” program. Lau’s move to RTL was evidence of both the industry’s appreciation of her skill as a host and her continued relevance.

Who are Annika Lau’s Children?

Annika Lau has three children with her husband Frederick Lau. Her children are Liselotta Lau, Bruno Charles Lau, and Baz Barne Lau.


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