Anne Sophie Briest Daughter Faye Montana; Full Details

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Anne Sophie Briest has had a successful career in the entertainment industry and her entrepreneurial endeavours, have established her as a multi-talented individual.

She continues to inspire others with her determination, creativity, and business acumen.

Who Is Anne Sophie Briest?

Anne-Sophie Briest, born on March 21, 1974, in East Berlin, under her real name Anne-Sophie Trautvetter (formerly Anne-Sophie Henselmann), is a well-known German actress and entrepreneur.

She has had a varied and successful career in both the entertainment and business industries.

Briest is the granddaughter of renowned architect Hermann Henselmann and grew up in Berlin-Mitte. Briest’s knack for acting was obvious from a young age.

She won her first role in a children’s film in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) when she was only six years old.

She joined the children’s cabaret ensemble “Prenzelgörn” as a youngster and began working as a presenter for radio stations like Berliner Rundfunk and television shows like “baff” and “topp 6” on MDR.

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Briest rose to national prominence in 1994 when she played Natalie, a child prostitute, in the Sat.1 production “Natalie – Endstation Babystrich.”

This breakthrough role opened the way for her subsequent roles in films such as “Police Call 110: Smouldering” in 1995 and its sequels “Natalie – Hell after the Baby Stroke” in 1997, “Natalie – Baby Stroke Online” in 1998, and “Natalie – Life After the Baby Stroke” in 2001.

Briest made her debut appearance in Playboy in 2001, demonstrating her versatility and charm as an actress.

Briest returned to the cinema in 2007 with a small role in “The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie” after taking a pause to focus on her personal life.

She has also been in popular TV shows such as “Five Stars” and in the music video “So Much Talk” by Berlin rapper Big Sal. Faye Montana, Briest’s daughter, is the daughter of Big Sal, a founding member of the hip-hop group Harleckinz.

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Briest has moved into entrepreneurship in addition to her acting career. She created the be smart academy, a bilingual nursery in Berlin, with state funding in 2008.

She eventually expanded her company portfolio by launching “Smart Cooking GmbH,” a nursery and school food service.

Briest is an active participant in her businesses, acting as managing director of “Pure Self Cosmetics UG” and on the board of the “Be Smart Academy Supporter Club eV.”

Briest, who never stops learning and evolving, began a new academic journey in 2019. She began studying business psychology at the College of Applied Management, where she expanded her business knowledge and talents.

Briest’s filmography includes a diverse range of roles that demonstrate her flexibility as an actress. “The Inspector – Death in the Garden House” in 1995, “Kokowaaah” in 2011, and “No Escape” in 2014 are other prominent works.

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She has also appeared as a guest on popular TV shows such as “In All Friendship” and “Family Dr. Kleist.”

Who Is Anne Sophie Briest’s Daughter Faye Montana?

Faye Montana is a multi-talented German actress, video producer, and presenter who was born on September 6, 2003.

Faye’s mother is actress Anne-Sophie Briest, and her late father is rapper Markus Oergel (“Big Sal”) of the hip-hop group Harleckinz.

Faye has a sizable fan base on her YouTube account, which has about 340,000 subscribers. She debuted her first single, “Numbers,” in 2017, and it has over 6 million views on YouTube as of August 2021.

She has also dabbled in acting, making memorable roles in films and television shows. She has also demonstrated her presenting abilities on the show “Das Spiel beginnt!”




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