Anne Kim Sarnau’s Children: Full Details

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Anneke Kim Sarnau was born on February 25, 1972,  in Elmshorn and she is a German Theater and Film actress. Anneke Kim Sarnau comes from the Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop (Pinneberg district) and completed her Abitur at the Bismarckschule in Elmshorn. She studied philosophy and English at the University of Kiel but after just a semester, she dropped out.

She rather had acting training at the College of Music from 1993 to 1996 at Performing Arts Stuttgart. Anneke Kim Sarnau worked at the  Burgtheater in Vienna between 1996 and 1998 and also made guest appearances at the  Hamburger Kammerspiele, at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus.

She stays in Berlin-Charlottenburg and her great-granduncle is the actor Hans Söhnker, who died in 1981. Some of the films (cinema) to the credit of Anneke Kim Sarnau include 2003: You have Knut, 2005: The Constant Gardener (The Constant Gardener), 2005: Foreign Skin, 2006: FC Venus – Attack is the best defense, 2008: Not from this star (Up! Up! To The Sky), 2012: Eat fries, 2014: Honey in the head, 2015: The little ones and the bad ones, 2015: 4 Kings, 2016: Conni & Co, 2016: Blank, 2017: Simple, 2017: Rock My Heart – My Wild Heart, 2019: Sweethearts and 2021: Ivie like Ivie.

Anneke Kim Sarnau has also been involved in television, short films and dubbing roles. Some of her audiobooks and radio plays (selection) are 2009: Deadly Words by Val McDermid. Random House Audio, 2012: Dear lottery fairy, here are my numbers for next week from Jan Hofer, spoken by Sarnau, Jan Hofer and Oliver Kalkofe. Random House Audio,2012: Aunt Martha in Luggage by Ulrike Herwig. Audiobook Hamburg, 2013: The Mist House by Eric Berg, spoken von Sarnau and Jürgen Uter. Jumbo New Media & Publisher and 2019: Lucy Fricke: Daughters (Betty) – Director: Martin Zylka (NDR) .

Over the years , Anneke Kim Sarnau has also won several awards and these awards are ;2002: Adolf Grimme Prize with gold for her acting performance in End of the Season, 2002: German Television Award in the “Best Actress” category for End of the SeasonHope dies last ,2002: Golden Gong for Hope dies last, 2002: Special prize at the TV Film Prize of the German Academy of Performing Arts for Hope dies last ,2003: Adolf Grimme Prize for Hope dies last, 2003: Bavarian Television Prize for Hope dies last, 2003: Lilli Palmer Memorial Camera as best young actress, 2019: Drostei Prize, recognition award for cultural workers, 2020: German Television Crime Prize for her acting performance as Chief Inspector Katrin König in Polizeiruf 110: Der Tag will come,2021: Guild Film Award for Ivie like Ivie (Director: Sarah Blaßkiewitz) at the German Film Festival in Ludwigshafen and 2022: Grimme Prize for Police call 110: Sabine (Director: Stefan Schaller) in the fiction competition


Anne Kim Sarnau’s Children

Anne Kim Sarnau is said to have two children; a son born in 2011 and a daughter born in 2014.


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