Anne Fleck Husband: Full Details

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Who is Anne Fleck husband? Is Anne Fleck married? How long has Anne Fleck been married? Does Anne Fleck have any children?

Quite a number of internet users are asking about the husband of the renowned German doctor. Hence in this write up, we will be taking a closer look at the love life of Dr. Anne Fleck to find out if she is married and to whom she is married to.

Who Is Anne Fleck? 

Anne Fleck is a popular German doctor, scientist, speaker and author born in 1972 in Saarlouis where she started her education. She attended the Saarlouiser Gymnasium am Stadtgarten.

She had the dream of becoming a doctor from when she was just a girl. Hence in order to realise her dream, she attened at least three univerties to study human medicine. They are the University of Leipzig, Université Paris Descartes and the University of L’Aquila.

She then did her traineeship at the University of Vienna and in Great Britain. She then worked at the University of Leipzig in the area of Internal medicine as a research assistant.

Dr. Fleck then did her PhD also at the University of Leipzig at the Institute for Occupational and Social Medicine. She then set up Centers for Preventive and Nutritional Medicine and Obesity while she was still practicing medicine.

After years of practicing behind the scenes, Fleck then decided to be more visible to the public by sharing her expert knowledge on issues relating to health. She then started appearing on a number of TV programs on MDR, ARD, ARTE and NDR as a health expert.

She also speaks at a number of health events and toured the country with her lecture series called “Doc Fleck Live” in 2017.

In 2015, she published her first book titled “The Healthy Kitchen -state-of-the-art”. The following year, she published another one titled “The 50 Healthiest 10 Minute Recipes”. As we speak, she has published over ten books.

She won Gold medal St for Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016, Gold medal in Health category in the literary competition in 2017, Silver medal in the GAD literary competition in 2018, etc.

Who Is Anne Fleck Husband? Is She Married?

Dr. Anne Fleck is one of the most popular doctors in Germany. Her “Dr. Anne Fleck – Health and Nutrition” podcast, lecture series and appearances on TV programs have all contributed to her fame.

However, she has been very private when it comes to matters regarding her personal life. As a result, we are unable to determine at the moment whether she is married or ever been married.

She does not wear any ring on her ring finger which could mean that she is not married or engaged. Our checks on her instagram account also didn’t come out with any results that proves she is married or engaged.

She has never posted any man on her instagram account, with almost all her posts being work related.

She lives in Hamburg, presumably alone.

Does Anne Fleck Have Any Children? 

Dr. Anne Fleck has been very private about her family life hence we are unable to confirm at the moment whether she has any children or not. We will keep an eye on her and update this write up as and when we get anything.

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