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Anita Buri, who was born on July 3, 1978, in the charming Swiss town of Berg (TG), has established herself as an iconic brand not only in her own Switzerland but also internationally. Buri has successfully straddled the realms of fashion, beauty, and sports throughout the course of a varied career that has spanned both the runway and television screens.


Anita Buri’s path to stardom started when she was named Miss Switzerland in 1999, a distinction that would lead to a variety of chances. She competed as Miss Switzerland in two prominent international beauty pageants, Miss World in 1999 in London and Miss Universe in 2000 in Cyprus, where she represented her country. She cemented her reputation as a genuine Swiss beauty queen by participating on various international stages.

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Anita Buri has always placed a high value on sports. She was captivated by the world of dance at an early age and set off on her adventure at the tender age of six. She performs a variety of dance styles, from jazz and ballet to Latin, hip-hop, and street dance. She didn’t stop at merely dancing; she pursued her love and oversaw the Ladystyle-Show-Dance Group for two years. She fostered a climate in which dancing flourished alongside Sonia Granjean, Miss Switzerland 1998, and professional dancer and choreographer Eljadusa Kedves.

She holds the prestigious position of Fitness Ambassador for Fitness for Kids in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, which is a program designed to teach kids about the importance of regular physical activity in their daily lives. In addition to her commitment to dance, Anita Buri has dedicated herself to promoting the importance of physical activity among children.

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As a model, she has carved out a place for herself in the world of fashion, appearing in television commercials as well as photo sessions and catwalks. She is a sought-after presence in the fashion sector because of her elegance and charisma.

Buri is not willing to limit himself to one position; he is also a skilled television personality. She served as the host of the Tele Top Television talk show Top Talk from 2011 until 2014. She is a well-liked face on Swiss television because of her kind personality and capacity for establishing connections with viewers and visitors.

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She presently works as an ambassador and representative for the website, which sells a variety of intimate clothing. She also contributes to, where she offers fitness tips and motivates people to live an active lifestyle. Additionally, she has dabbled in fashion design by launching her handbag line, Blembal.

Who are Anita Buri’s Children?

In 2002, Anita gave birth to a boy after spending five years in marriage to former national soccer star Marc Hodel. Her son is called Jeremy Hodel.


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