Angelo Kelly Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Irish-American singer, musician, and composer Angelo Kelly is a musician who has contributed his quota to the music industry.

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at his life as we find out if the rumours about her death are true and if so what actually caused his death.

Angelo Kelly Biography

Angelo Gabriele Kelly, born on December 23, 1981, in Pamplona, Spain, is an Irish-American singer, musician, and composer.

He is most known for being the youngest member of the pop and folk group The Kelly Family, who peaked to great fame and success in the middle of the 1990s in Europe.

The ensemble amassed more than 20 million album sales, garnered various music honours, and emerged as one of the most popular acts of its time.

The eleventh child of American dancer Barbara Ann and teacher Daniel Jerome Kelly, Angelo Kelly was born.

He was raised in a poor household by his alcoholic father, who became his sole parent when his mother died of advanced breast cancer when he was just a year old.

Despite the difficulties, Angelo and his siblings set off on a musical journey with their father, performing on the streets of Europe and the USA.

Angelo showed musical potential at an early age and cut his first voice tracks on the vinyl single “Hiroshima – I’m Sorry” in 1985. At the age of seven, he created his first song, “Pee-Pee,” which dealt with a problem he had as a child: peeing on the bed.

As he became older, Angelo participated more in the band’s performances, playing a variety of instruments and showing his drumming prowess. He received instruction from well-known drummers like Billy Cobham, which sparked his interest in jazz music.

The Kelly Family enjoyed mainstream success in 1994 with the release of their album “Over the Hump” and its lead song “An Angel.”

As the lead singers of the band, Angelo and his brother Paddy acquired adolescent star status at the age of 12. Angelo needed security guards for public engagements because their popularity also drew ire and unfavourable attention.

Angelo Kelly started a solo career in 2006 and issued his first record, “I’m Ready.” He established his own record label, TEN 4 ONE, and collaborated on the album with co-producer Claus Fischer.

Angelo continued to pursue his love of music even if his solo career didn’t enjoy the same degree of popularity as his time with The Kelly Family.

In addition to his musical endeavours, Angelo took part in the second season of the ProSieben programme “The Masked Singer” in 2020.

After departing the programme on his own accord, he was identified as Cockroach. He also worked on the 2004 DVD “Call and Response” with Billy Cobham, which featured drum solos from both musicians.

Angelo has recently made a number of public appearances and released new tracks, including one on the ZDF morning magazine. He continues to work in the music business and pursue his artistic goals.

Angelo Kelly has left a lasting impression on the European music industry and is still a cherished figure among his followers despite the ups and downs of his career.

Angelo Kelly Cause Of Death

Angelo Kelly is still alive as he is not dead. The singer is currently focused on his career as he seeks to attain higher heights.

Angelo Kelly Singles and Video Albums


  • 2006: Finally One
  • 2007: Let Me Dream
  • 2008: Smile for the Picture
  • 2012: Slow Down
  • 2018: Irish Heart
  • 2020: Stay with me
  • 2022: The Galway Girl
  • 2022: Let Go (Live)
  • 2022: Country Roads (Live)
  • 2022: Mary Did You Know (Live)
  • 2022: Go Tell It on the Mountain (Live)

Video albums 

  • 2004: Call & Response (with Billy Cobham )
  • 2006: Piano Drums
  • 2007: I’m Ready
  • 2008: Up Close
  • 2009: Live in Madrid
  • 2009: The Traveller
  • 2012: Off Road – Documentary
  • 2012: Off Road – Live in Stuttgart
  • 2014: Angelo Kelly & Family Live in Berlin
  • 2018: Irish Heart – Live




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