Andrea Schacht’s Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Andrea Schacht born on May 18, 1956 and passed away on October 26, 2017, was a German writer known for her historical novels.

Andrea Schacht’s impressive body of work and her ability to transport readers to different eras and worlds solidified her legacy as a talented and beloved writer.

Andrea Schacht’s Biography

She was raised in Germany’s Westerwald and was born in Flintbek.

After completing her studies in business administration in Bielefeld and materials engineering in Koblenz, Schacht worked in the development of large-scale industrial plants in Frankfurt and Hanau. But she made the decision to devote her full time to writing in 1992.

Schacht became well-known as a writer of historical fiction, especially for her Beguine Almut series. Popular books from the Begine-Almut series include “The Eleventh Virgin” (2007), “The Work of the She-Devil” (2004), and “The Dark Mirror” (2003, 2004).

The powerful and independent protagonist Almut’s life and exploits are explored in these books, which transport readers to mediaeval Germany.

Schacht wrote a number of other series and independent books in addition to the Begine-Almut books.

She demonstrates her skill at combining compelling historical storylines in her “Ring Trilogy,” which consists of “The Signet Ring” (2003), “The Amber Ring” (2004), and “The Lily Ring” (2004).

Her “Alyss” trilogy, which includes books like “Command Gentle Mistress to Me” (2009) and “The Song of the Falcon” (2013), was also written by her. The “Myntha” and “Tiger” series are two other well-known Schacht series.

Adult fiction was not Schacht’s only genre of writing. She also wrote books for younger readers, including the “Kyria and Reb” trilogy and “The Flowers of Time” (2010).

Schacht has penned other cat-themed series, some of which have titles like “Witch Cat” (2011) and “The Flying Christmas Cat” (2011). Her enthusiasm for cats and her capacity to weave fascinating tales around them was sure to draw in cat lovers.

Schacht’s storytelling abilities have enthralled readers with her vividly researched historical settings and nuanced characters throughout her career.

Her writings were well-liked not only in Germany but also drew readers from throughout the world. Schacht rose to prominence in the field of historical fiction as a result of her commitment to her art.

Schacht resided in Wachtberg, Germany, and was wed to Dieter Hering-Schacht. Sadly, her death on October 26, 2017, put an end to her writing career.

But even after she passed away, her literary legacy and impact persisted thanks to her work with co-author Julia Freidank, who helped finish the final book in the “Myntha” trilogy, “The Legacy of the Herbal Woman.”

Readers who value her storytelling prowess and devotion to historical authenticity continue to treasure her novels.

Andrea Schacht’s Cause Of Death

Andrea Schacht’s cause of death is unknown as there is limited information about what actually led to his demise.




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