Aluzinc Roofing Sheets Prices In Ghana, Full Details

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If you are looking for a quality Aluzinc roofing sheet to buy, this is the right place. In this post, we at Ghana Insider has taken it upon ourselves to bring you the current price of Aluzinc roofing sheets on the Ghanaian market.  

Aluzinc Roofing Sheet is one of the most popular sheets among building materials these days. Solid and durable, Aluzinc is suitable for use in highly demanding environments such as roofs, flues and ventilation shafts.

In Ghana, many contractors use Aluzinc roofing sheets to build fences around construction sites due to their durability and affordability compared to other building materials. 

Before we look at the price of Aluzinc roofing sheets in Ghana, allow us to take you through some facts about Aluzinc roofing sheets you probably didn’t know about.

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Facts About Aluzinc Roofing Sheet

Stainless steel is well renowned for being a solid yet working metal resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes. Because of these properties, the versatile metal is widely employed in a wide range of applications, from industrial to home.

Aluzinc is a stainless steel sheet coated with a zinc and aluminium alloy that improves the properties of the base metal.

Aluzinc is essentially cold-rolled steel that has been galvanized with a unique coating made up of 55 per cent aluminium, 43.3 per cent zinc, and 1.6 per cent silicon.

Because of the coating’s composition, stainless steel is up to six times more corrosion resistant than ordinary galvanized metals. As a result, the material has a longer life expectancy and is appropriate for projects in harsh environments.

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Aluzinc’s suitability as a substrate for organic coatings also means that paint can be applied directly without the need for time-consuming pre-treatments.

As a suitable substrate for organic coatings, Aluzinc will also allow a direct application of paint without time-consuming preliminary treatments.

When all of these qualities are added to the fact that Aluzinc is easily formed and welded yet guaranteed a long life, it is clear that the metal is the natural choice for various insulation, guttering, fencing, roofing, etc. metal jacketing requ­ire­ments.

Now let’s look at why you clicked on this post, the price of Aluzinc roofing sheets in Ghana.

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Aluzinc Roofing Sheets Prices In Ghana

Below is the price list of Aluzinc roofing sheets in Ghana, courtesy of DOMODROOF.

ALUZINC 0.40mm x 2.45m 20 GHC 2,132.79
0.45mm x 2.45m 20 GHC 2,249.65


Where To Buy Your Aluzinc Roofing Sheets In Ghana 

You can purchase your Aluzinc roofing sheets today from any genuine building materials dealer near you. 

Some of these renowned dealers include: 

  • DBS Ghana
  • KK Peprah Company Limited 
  • K Gyasi Company Limited

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