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Alexander Granach was a German-Austrian actor. He was born on April 18, 1890, but died on March 14, 1945. It must be noted that he relocated to the United States of America in 1938.The parents of Alexander Granach were Jewish. He became very famous due to his exploits at the Volksbühne in Berlin. When Adolf Hitler came to power, Alexander Granach left for the Soviet Union but he later relocated to Hollywood.

While in Hollywood, he made an appearance in his first American film, Ninotchka (1939).
Due to the effects of a  pulmonary embolism following an appendectomy, Alexander Granach died on March 14, 1945, in New York . He left behind his wife, Lotte Lieven, and by his son, Gad Granach.

Some of the films he featured in are Das goldene Buch (1919), Die Liebe vom Zigeuner stammt… (1920), Camera Obscura (1921) – Der große Chef, The Big Big Boss (1921) – Der große Chef, Nosferatu (1922) – Knock, Lucrezia Borgia (1922) – Prisoner, Mignon (1922) – Il Gobbo, Earth Spirit (1923) – Schigolch, Fridericus Rex (1923) – Hans Joachim von Ziethen, Paganini (1923) – Ferucchio, Man by the Wayside (1923) – Shoemaker, Schatten – Eine nächtliche Halluzination (1923) – Shadowplayer, A Woman, an Animal, a Diamond (1923) – Archivar Lindhorst and I.N.R.I. (1923) – Judas Ischariot.

Others are Die Radio Heirat (1924), Wood Love (1925) – Waldschrat – a sprite, Torments of the Night (1926) – Murphy, Hoppla, wir leben! (1927), Svengali (1927) – Geiger Gecko, The Famous Woman (1927) – Diener bei Alfredo, I Once Had a Beautiful Homeland (1928) – Pollaczek, sein Bursche, The Adjutant of the Czar (1929) – Stranger, The Last Fort (1929) – Gestino, Pavement Butterfly (1929) – Coco, Flucht in die Fremdenlegion (1929) – Beppo, Legionär and The Last Company (1930) – Haberling.

Alexander Granach’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Alexander Granach was married to Lotte Lieven and had a son called Gad Granach.

Alexander Granach’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available on Wikipedia.

Alexander Granach’s Age, Birth Date

He was April 18, 1890, but died on March 14, 1945. He was 54 years old at the time of his death.

Alexander Granach’s Height, Weight

The height and weight of Alexander Granach are not available.

Alexander Granach’s Net Worth

The net worth of Alexander Granach is estimated to be $ 700, 000

Alexander Granach’s Parents

The names of Alexander Granach’s parents are not available but they are said to be Jewish.

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