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German filmmaker Alexander Bach gained notoriety for his gripping thrillers with the success of his big-budget feature debut, “Hitman: Agent 47”. Bach entered the film industry with a strong sense of creative vision, perseverance, and inventiveness.


Aleksander Bach was born in Lublin, Poland. During his childhood, Bach’s family moved to Solingen, Germany from Lublin, Poland, where he was born and raised. Bach started pursuing his dream of being a filmmaker in Solingen. He studied academically, graduating from Robert Schumann Hochschule with a degree in audio-visual engineering. To further polish his trade, Bach attended the esteemed Film Academy Baden-Württemberg to get his postgraduate degree. There, he developed his abilities and set the foundation for his future profession in the film business.

Bach had modest beginnings when he first entered the film industry. When he first started creating music videos, industry insiders were drawn to his inventive storytelling and striking visual aesthetic. Bach’s skills quickly brought him to the world of advertising, where he created eye-catching ads for well-known customers, solidifying his standing as a forward-thinking director with a unique creative flare.

Aleksander Bach’s career took a big turn in 2015 when his first feature film, “Hitman: Agent 47,” was released. The movie was Bach’s first big-screen entry into the action genre and was based on the well-liked video game franchise “Hitman”. The film, which starred Hannah Ware as the lead role and Rupert Friend as the mysterious Agent 47, enthralled viewers with its suspenseful action scenes, complex narrative, and breathtaking photography.

The exhilarating cinematic experience of “Hitman: Agent 47” demonstrated Bach’s directing skills as he brought the legendary video game character to life. Bach handled the difficulties of turning a well-liked video game series into a movie with great care, attention to detail, and knowledge of the original work.

Bach’s reputation as a potential action director was strengthened when “Hitman: Agent 47” became a global hit, even though the picture received mixed reviews. His daring vision and creative narrative style won him accolades and cemented his position as one of the great modern directors.

Aleksander Bach Parents

There is no information about the parents of Aleksander Bach.

Aleksander Bach Height, Weight, Age, Birthdate

Age 44
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Birthdate 1980


Aleksander Bach’s Wife/Girlfriend

There is no available information Aleksander Bach wife.

Aleksander Bach Children

As of publishing, there is no information about the children of Aleksander Bach.

Aleksander Bach’s Net Worth

Aleksander Bach has an estimated net worth of about $8 million.



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