Alba Parietti Boyfriend: Full Details

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Alba Parietti can be described as an Italian television presenter , commentator and actress . She was once a musician who used the name Alba. Parietti was born on July 2, 1961, and her parents are Francesco and Grazia Dipietromaria, painter and writer.

She grew up in the Turin neighborhood of Madonna del Pilone and had her education at the state artistic high school and afterward, decided to do radio. She played the role of Cecily Cardew at a local theater, in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest in 1977.

She participated in Miss Italy  in 1978 but did not reach the finals. She was selected to represent Italy at Miss Universe in 1979 but she did not due to so many commitments.

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Parietti got married to the actor Franco Oppini in 1981 and they gave birth to Francesco Maria Oppini on April 6, 1982. They divorced in 1997 and later in 1991, Parietti started a five-year relationship with the philosopher and university professor Stefano Bonaga.

Due to a flirtation with Christopher Lambert in 1996, Parietti and Stefano Bonaga broke up. Parietti also dated financier Jody Vender in 1999, dated the Palermo prince Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea from 2001 to 2007 as well as dated Cristiano De André from 2010 to 2014.

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Alba Parietti Boyfriend

Alba Parietti has been in a relationship with Fabio Adami since 2022. Fabio Adami is known to be the manager of the Italian Post Office. He was born in 1967. Fabio Adami is currently 58 years old and has two children.

He is believed to have met Parietti in .March 2022in a train. Fabio Adami is also TOP PAL Sales Manager and comes from Rome . Before age 18, Fabio Adami lived in India and Kenya because his father worked for Alitalia. He is quite a private person.


Some of the films Alba Parietti has featured in include Miracoloni, directed by Francesco Massaro (1981), Italian Boys, directed by Umberto Smaila (1982), Flavor of the Sea , directed by Carlo Vanzina (1982), If All Goes Well We are ruined, directed by Sergio Martino (1983)and Bye Bye Baby, directed by Enrico Oldoini (1988).

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Others are Crimes and Perfumes , directed by Vittorio De Sisti (1988), Abbronzatissimi , directed by Bruno Gaburro (1991), Saint Tropez – Saint Tropez , directed by Castellano and Pipolo (1992), The Butcher, directed by Aurelio Grimaldi (1998), Paparazzi, directed by Neri Parenti (1998) and Three Stars, directed by Pier Francesco Pingitore – TV miniseries (1999). She ahs been involved with a lot of Television programs over the years.

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